Play school & Day Care - which is the best option

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TarandeepSawhney 2014-01-05 12:40:53


Hi All

Me and my wife both are working and we are planning to send our 2 year old daughters (twins) to day care and play school in indirapuram (preferably) or in noida.

Can i request to please provide your suggestions based on your experiences as to which are the good options.

I have visited motherspride indirapuram, gennext noida

We are very concerned about day care and we want the best in terms of how day care staff treat our daughters, how are kids are kept engaged, what they are fed and above all they are completely safe from male staff.

I am hoping your experiences will help us decide on the best play school and day care in indirapuram and noida areas.

best regards

shalugupta2 2014-07-08 14:14:21


Hi Taran we are also staying in indirapuram. My 4 years old son is in Little millennium, Niti Kand 1, Plot 888 since 2 years. From my experience i found it excellent in terms of hygiene, Food habits, Schools, Maids, Teachers  etc. hope it will help u


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