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mohita78 2012-09-03 14:20:27



Looking to get my daughter admitted to Nursery , next year(2013).

Need views Genesis Global school in Noida.

1. How well is the school in Academics. ? Not really able to find much info looking around. I know they have lot of focus on extra- curricular activities.

2. Teaching methodology is IB based, that includes lot of practical aspects rather than text book based like CBSE. However acceptance to IB  in India is low, However more i look into IB based teaching , i get impressed.  Will it be a problem to move to CBSE school later in higher class.

As an additional information , School offers choice of CBSE in higher grade, though that is not part of my consideration.

3. Genesis is still in "Candidate School" (last phase after which IB is granted)., though Pathway, Noida is full IB.

4.Compared with Pathway, Genesis seems far better in Infra. However i have no idea if one is better than other ,  especially, if compared on basis of teachers, teaching methodology(both IB based).

5. Does having a option of boarding school have any other down-effect, even though i am only looking for "day school", not even "day boarding".

Other option is Step by Step, Have heard all good things about it. Site school is pathetic, no information. Have visited them 3 times and was not allowed to go inside, have been asked to only appy on-line and they only do admission in pre-nursury.

Need advise. Appreciate feedback.




KopalK 2012-09-19 12:08:56


hi Mohit,

we would also be applying for admission for our son next year.

we personally visited Pathways and interacted with people there. It is good  Have also taken feedback from various eminient people in the education industry and they are for it. (you can mail me to know more.Only constraint is its IB and changing from IB to any other board may be difficult.

for the other two, have no information. pls share any information that you have on other schools.

Any clue about Shri Ram Millenium?



Mrs Khanna



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