hi i m a mother of 1.8yr old baby girl n i want to send her to a nice play school in noida

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pavu 2012-05-30 12:16:47


hi i m a mother of 1.8yr old baby girl n i want to send her to a nice play school or a summer camp  in noida plz sugest if any body knows abt it....

qqagarg 2012-07-24 15:29:37


Please try Stimulus play school, sector 39. My kid is going there.

They have a concept called mother toddler.. where they allow child from 1.5-2 with mother in school. Mother and child both spent time with other kids , moms n teachers..


KopalK 2012-08-06 12:37:42


little pearl...sector 29 and little scholar sector 19...but i have chosen little pearl...because didnt like little scholar so much on visitin...but u could try


Lt 2012-08-07 17:53:03


 My experience with little pearl has been very bad.i had to withdraw my child from little pearl and she is going to Windows now and I am really happy.


SSSP 2012-08-08 13:43:13


Please let me know how is kidzee in Sector 62?


pavu 2012-12-15 23:02:26


thx  all 4 ur suggestions ....i have admitted my daughter 2 stimulus n i m really very happy wth this school...i ll suggest everybody to try ths once if u r looking 4 preschool



archuma 2012-12-18 15:25:20


 hey ps guide for gud play school nearvsector 41




qqagarg 2012-12-20 14:30:34


Hey Pavu.. ur choice is so correct... my daughter is going there for an year now.. and I am really very happy and surprised with her learnings :)


qqagarg 2012-12-20 14:31:58


first preference - stimulus

second - windows (if u look for an established one)


archuma 2012-12-20 16:29:16


 perfect  answer when im in confused state for admitting my 2 yr old twin......

think stimulus is the best on browsing....do u have info on fees....


buron 2013-03-05 16:34:03


Hi All,

What about Mother's Pride schools in noida


buron 2013-03-05 16:34:59


Continuation of previous query....I want to ask how is Mother's Pride schools in noida for playschool and pre-nursery


Dsharma 2013-03-05 23:35:38


hi wt schools u have short listed for play school. as session starts from april


Dsharma 2013-03-05 23:36:13


how many hav u short listed stimulus n going for mother toddler way


pavu 2013-06-06 01:28:47


 hi plz suggests me any good activities for my 2.8 yrs old daughter I really want to put her some nice dance classes or any other activities near by 30 sector in noida



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