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pinky78 2012-01-25 10:53:23


my kids  are already studying in amity,but am not very satisfied.i mean its good but not very good confused should i shift their school or not

sush18 2012-04-09 16:30:53


Hi Pinky.

None of the school is perfect, but believe me, all of them are trying their best to survive in this competetion. Although parents have complaints with all the schools as nobody can be perfect. I have some points from my society parents interaction..and they are like this..

Some say children are loaded with homework and toooo much of tests so child lost the interest in studies.

the other school parent said....teachers are from local vicinity so they use crude language like" apne baap se paise le ke aana" , "saale " and all that.

I discussed with one of the parent and she said there are no extra-curricular activities but only studies which will not do for my child in this era.

Some are fed up of all the year  vasooli ...for some head or the other.

Some schools just dont pay attention to english conversation


So my will not find any parent who is fully satisfied with the school..except one from Shriram millenium who was too happy with the value system of the school.

my own daughter is studying in the millenium noida sector 41. I m kind of satisfied with the overall culture of the school except small tits and bits which are well heard of by the authorities.It is a developing school and they do put a good effort on all suggestions.

So, now u have choices to explore.






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