Please provide feedback on Lotus Valley in NOIDA.

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pdixit 2011-12-28 20:43:05


Hello friends,

We are moving to Delhi in the new school session - 2012. My kids got admission in Lotus Valley International school in NOIDA in addition to Heritage School. We are still awaiting for the results of Step By Step School.

We would like know get parents feedback on Lotus Valley School. While we understand that Step By Step is the best amongst the three, how does Lotus compare to Heritage, or other schools in NOIDA area. Any inputs here would be highly appreciated in helping us make a decision.....


ambajaj 2012-01-24 21:50:27


Lotus is very good school to go with. My daughter has started nursery in Lotus an year back and we are happy with her progress. They don't really push things for kids.Since every class has 23-25 kids on average thus kids get personalized attention from teachers. Its more affordable then Step by Step, have also heard that Step by Step is too slow with their approach in developing kids.


shraddhabhansali 2014-12-18 13:22:27


Hi...I m moving to Noida in near future...I m looking for school for my son in grade 4.Are you still happy with Lotus Valley? I m getting mixed reviews

honest 2015-05-07 17:05:26


Careful on Caution Money as my caution money has not been refunded after transfer. Fee structure is very high . Management has entered in realty sector , where it has been known to facing many civil litigation due to unscrupulous acts.

Most of the activities published are marketing strategies are on paper and from my experience students of grade 6 have to take lunch in class room as no permission is given to go out in recess.



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