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b1 2011-09-23 01:01:52


Hi everybody,

I want to choose school for class 4 for my daughter choice are pathway noida and shreeram millenium noida. Fee is not a problem . pathway is following I.B. program and shreeram is following their own program. i want a progressive school and not a conventional dps or amity kind of school where there is so much focus on studies and ratta rotelearning.

pls suggest which school between these two is best as per there positives and negatives.




sush18 2012-04-09 16:35:08


 I heard shreeram millenium is good of course. based on the interaction with one of the parents who commented on the value system of the school. and was too satisfied.

You can give The Millenium - Sector 41, a thought..a visit..

My own daughter is studying there. just promoted to 4th. She as a student is too happy and have never taken a day leave in the entire one year session which was her first year in the school. No tantrums in going to school. She simply liked and loves her school too much.


qqagarg 2012-07-24 15:32:24


I think Shreeram is better.. if u go for non conventional schools


Sa2 2012-10-10 15:26:19


 Shreeram is the better one.


Vidub 2012-10-12 19:01:19


Hi Everyone

I am form Bangalore and planning to shift to Noida next month. My kids are in 6th grade and Mont-I. and I am worried abt their admission in the middle of the year. Can anyone in this forum whose kid is going to Saphhire International Sec-70 give their experience abt the school? Also I request parents of Children studying in Shreeram and The MIllenium school share thier experience and the fee structure please...We are not for the International schools that charges abnormally and has no value for money...

Also suggestions for any other good school with CBSE syllabus who accept mid term admissions are welcome



sush18 2012-10-16 15:25:34


Same was the case with me last year. We were shifting from bangalore and daughter was to be admitted to class 3. let me tell u..the admission procedure is over by this time in most of the noida and delhi schools. U have a better chance in newly opened schools.

My daughter goes to The Millenium, in sector 41. She is satisfied and happy, enjoys going to school and learing is effortless. It is ofcourse better than bangalore and delhi conventional schools, the only thing i miss here is the strict discipline we used to have in our schools. These are new concept schools with smart learning and no tests and no scolding. Our children are the experiment materials for these schools. I have no doubt in their teaching....children are also confident and teachers are really working hard.....Do visit and then decide...Lotus Valley at expressway is a good school too....


sush18 2012-10-16 15:26:44


 I missed one thing....Admission is guranteed in this school. Opened a few years back and r welcoming mid-session admissions with open arms...

All the Best!!!!!


Vidub 2012-10-17 17:21:54


Hi Sush

Thanks a lot for ur reply!

I am sure the method of teaching and the culture evevrything is going to be different for the kids....I am coming to Noida this weekend to check out on the schools and the house hunting...What is the fee structure like in the Millenium school?





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