The Ardee Montessori School - New Delhi

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A highly overpriced institution that is being run by a very (repeat - VERY) inept principal. We went through the rigorous admissions process and were elated to find out that our son had been admitted into the nursery program. Very quickly we found that there is absolutely no managements ethics in the school management. The principal is very stubborn and makes decisions randomly. She can be persuaded to change rules on the fly by one screaming parent, while the others can continue to suffer due to her ill-decision making. For instance, a rule was introduced to start making kids wear a uniform. Some parents, including us, purchased the uniform. However, some other parents in our son's class refused to make their toddlers wear a uniform and the principal then decided to make an exception for that particular class!!! WOW.. is that the way a school is run? We'll let you decide! Stay away from this horribly run school.




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