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Step by Step is a well known, reputed play school located in the posh Panchsheel Park, New Delhi. The school is run by the Subros educational society and the Mrs Ritu Suri who is the Chairman of the school is also closely connected to the Lalit chain of hotels. Step by Step is a beautifully constructed, warm and cosy place that you will fall in love with at first sight. The red brick building with a wooden annexe that is a sort of an architectural marvel since it allows for natural light in all areas and natural cooling through air circulation. The whole school is like a little kingdom for toddlers - tiny chairs and tables with rounded corners, a lovely outdoor stage with steps around it and a small green patch with loads of sunshine, adorable little toilets with the pigmy toilet seats and basins, a potter's heel, a dance rooms with walls made of mirrors, a yoga room and a free play room and the best and my favourites - a make - believe "mall' where the tiny tots go shopping ! With shelves full of dummy packaged goodies and shopping baskets to the boot. Talking of make believe - there is an airplane one can climb into, a petrol pump for tanking up your toy car, a library where you can fetch a picture book and rest your sleepy head on a pillow and the coziest, frilliest tiny beds where lifesize dolls are sleeping. Their wardrobes full of neatly ironed dresses.....step by step is a wonder land for children. The school is headed by Mrs Ramani Chopra, who has been an educationist for years. Mrs Chopra makes what the school really is - warm, affectionate, happy and joyful. She is herself full of happiness, warmth and cheer and everyone who meets her falls in love - just like her school ! There are 2 teachers for every 25 children in class with a didi to assist. Learning is encouraged by stimulation and the school takes pride in making children confident and outgoing. They believe that happy children make successful, happy adults. so that's what their curriculum is meant to be. Both my children have studied at Step by Step. 7 year old Ruhi has already graduated from here 2 years ago and 3 year old Rayyan is still there. The day he moves out, I am going to really miss the school.




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