Delhi Public School DPS Mathura Road - New Delhi

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Both my daughters go to Delhi Public School Mathura Road. Yes, the school does stress on academics, but there is adequate attention paid to other activities too. I am quite satisfied with the school at the junior level.


I went to school here but will never like my kids to go there. Schooling is so subjective and everyone has different ideas for their kids. Let me give you some context: I was a merit lister and also have done okay in life--so cannot call it a case of "sour grapes". We tread middle-ground in the school philosophy, in the sense that we tend to avoid very alternative or typically mainstream merit-list churners. The reason I would not like to send my kids is that: * focus on exams and not real learning. I do not think I learnt a lot even though aced through exams * teachers were dull and uninspiring. The 2 teachers whose words still inspire me now were really ridiculed by the students * Huge class size and no individual attention. There were sections till K and each section had about 45-50 kids. A factory * I remember I loved activities like dramatics and the teacher never came. Under peer pressure would pretend that was glad the teacher never came. :-( * Again, please check and maybe certain things might have changed and to each her own...But this is what I feel for my kids




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