Best International Schools in Delhi/NCR

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Archana1409 2011-02-08 15:56:33



Please let me know about the best National / International level schools in Delhi / NCR




vdb007 2011-02-08 17:29:19


Hi Archana,

We just moved from Vancouver last yr in Sep.,2010. It wasn't easy to get the admission in the mid-term but The Banyan Tree International welcomed us with open arms with flexibility to not only admit but also to let our two kids learn at their own pace considering the cultural/enviromental change. This is what I call maturity and well rounded approach by the Principal's vision.

Although my son (Grade 1) has adjusted well and daughter(Grade 4) is going through her own adjustment issues. The school is helping me beyond belief to get her active in her curriculum, no where have I seen goodness to this extent.

The school fees, facilities, Principal, Structure of the program and many other fun activites are great. The first thing that I and my son noticed was the washrooms for Juniors. That is where the comfort level in my mind with respect to hygiene got some assurance for cleaniness. The fee includes A/C bus, A/C classrooms with Breakfast, Lunch, no books home approach and easy thoughtful learning than cramming that I did in my school yrs. I still thing why was 2+2 = 4, now I know through my son.

Above all the staff and the principal have a good human side. It was not even once that I felt they are in for money or dumping their ideology on us but very accomodating and open to change kind of an attitude. It is almost like Vancouver for my kids at school, learning but with play and approach.

In simple words we were blessed to have come across their staff and principal maaam. If you need any further inputs - please let me know I will be more than happy to share my e-mail or the phone number.

 Vanshdeep Bhardwaj
 Chief Manager
 Siemens IT Solutions India


jainsunaina 2011-02-23 00:55:29




Can u give some idea about the fee structure of the school?



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