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taany 2010-06-07 15:53:13


Are there any parents who are not happy about the educational content even after putting there child in leading international schools? Has homeschooling ever crossed their minds?

PD 2010-06-07 17:57:52




yes, I am homeschooling my 5 yr old son in Chennai.


taany 2010-06-08 10:53:35


how did it all happen? what content are u going thru with as in the curriculum?Is he writing also? Does he take u seriously? 

    Please also share these points also.


PD 2010-06-13 19:54:34




we are homeschooling for a different reason - not for the educational content. In fact it is more of "unschooling" - unlearning the fears and other negatives that have stressed him out at school. Actually, he was the one who asked for it......almost a year ago, he said " amma can i go to school for 10 days and be at home for 17 days?" That was what he wanted I guess! That sowed the seed of this idea in our minds.... It was war for us to get him to school since the beginning of this year.....he hated it! And since the school too could not be flexible to suit his  needs, we decided that this was the way to go.

We want him to get over his fears and anxieties - imposed by external authority, rules, routines, and start enjoying learning. we want his creativity to take root and flower and not get suppressed by all these external shackles. We want him to be himself, love himself and not be "on-guard" all the time!

So as of now, we are not looking at any is just letting him be. And that has made a huge difference to the quality of our lives - there is no tension and fight to get somewhere and on time, rules are made together with him, he is smiling more and is less angry.......he eats well, sleeps well and is less tired and irritable....

Yes, he does write a lot more now.....because we have found things that he likes cards for people's birthdays, shopping lists, stories that he makes up.....and so on. Writing was a chore for him at school - and he hated it - after all, what is the point of writing page after page of alphabets? This writing is more meaningful to him - he sees the point of doing it and enjoys it.

Yes, he does take me seriously. If you show understanding and respect for them and their needs, I think they will do so in return. That is what I believe. Most often, we set the yeardsticks, form the rules......and so they want to rebel.


Hope I have answered all your queries. would love to continue discussing these issues and hear your thoughts too. Do let me know if you are interested, and I will send u the link to my blog.





taany 2010-06-14 13:58:19


Excellent,it is.One sane parent I have met in this blog who understands a child completely,a mother in all respects.

   Thankyou for sharing so much.I have placed my child in an international school he will starting Kg in Aug,was in pre-term in the school but was thoroughly disappointed witrh the teacher and their connection with the content. 1 year in this school will be decisive of how i approach his education,well it could be a month too,as I did let school advisor know of my disappointment.So,if the efficacy doesn't follow in a month, i might be going for online homeschooling as my son is pretty sharp with technology and ace on a laptop.


PD 2010-06-14 15:30:57


great to hear that! Hope all goes well with your decision.......would love to share ideas and thoughts with you on our journey as parents and teachers....I think the children of today are caught in a time warp.........there is so much progress in technology and other areas, but our ideas on education still remain old-fashioned! We are still not willing to remove those cobwebs from our son is a pro on the computer too.......not into typing as yet, but knows how to open and close files, save, play his "Thomas" games, build with lego and so on on the PC and laptop! these are the kids of today. And I think they are the ones who have to and will change the system some day! I think schools will have to close down soon if they don't keep up with these changes soon......and these changes that are being demanded by kids are not only to do with educational content, they are to do with pedagogy and attitudes too.......I think kids of today are all set to question that and rebel that! what do u think?



taany 2010-06-15 01:10:22


Rightly said.

But first true brain and child understanding and sensitivity has to come from a teacher or it has to become must for them to undergo a                                    child neuro development program, as these half witted teachers are quick to give terms like he's not writing, is slow, doesn't show interest,etc and then these label themselves as teachers --- cold attitude, non-personal behaviour towards kids make them great.Ridiculous!

I really wish that most mothers would homeschool there children and imagine mothers taking this program on child development and sensitivity towards your child.I swear it will truly be a liberated world.Oh! do you know that in a selected few european countries at ease education for children and as per there skills interest are state funded! till maybe high school or university levels.

Priya I want to know if you have inspired any other mothers around? What do relatives and friends around you comment? And, till what age do you want to continue homeschooling?

Awaiting your reply.....

Best wishes and love to ur child...Tanya


PD 2010-06-15 07:49:07


Yes....there is very little or no understanding of the child although  many schools claim to be child-centric and say they use multiple intelligence! I think most of it is  half-baked knowledge, which causes more harm tthan good. And Education has become a business......everyone is there to make a fast buck........who really thinks about kids and shaping their values and kindling their spirit for learning?

I don't know if I have inspired anyone, but I do make it a point to tell people that I am homeschooling my son and he does too! Whether they understand or not is a different issue! But I do feel that parents today are thinking more of these options and not just traditional schools.....I am sure that earlier if a parent had said this, others would look at you as if u r crazy or with a puzzled look.......but all that is changing now I think


Many of our friends think we are crazy and just giving in to what he wants and denying him a schooling experience and so on....but that is ok. I think that doesn't matter to us so much. Our concern is him and whether he is happy, not what other people think. I do feel a bit isolated now and then....but that is the price you pay for thinking differently I guess. We will have to muster the courage to face that. quite understanding...and I must say they have been quite great! parents and in-laws are all in their seventies and eighties, but are more open to accepting this. They do know him and his personality, his strengths etc. and so perhaps understand why we decided on this. There are times when they express their concern and worries of the future and we just handle that in our own ways.....trying to get them to understand that there is no point in deciding his future now as we don't even know our part in it and that it is best to live in the moment and enjoy learning everyday.

It is a tough decision and has its own stresses, but we have the confidence to do this I think.

Do read my blog and leave your comments......I have posted some nice videos too, which u should take a look at.

Best wishes to u too




roses 2010-06-16 04:50:09


Hi Priya,

I had read your post a few days back and responded with some questions ...which disappeared with a bad connection :((!

My concerns with the formal system of schooling have surfaced after looking into the two forms of education psychology that exist: montessori & structured/conventional...I believe in a balance of the two and with that start my concerns as to which way to go when my little one comes to that point. Being the only one and last among all his cousins I am not too sure where he will get his peer group interaction and learning from. Also we do not have any family close by here and hence worry that he will only get just his parents as 'face time'. Do you come across that challenge. Even at this stage (19months) I make sure he gets enough of that and take him out frequently where he meets a regular set of children so that he has that interaction. How do you handle that for your 5 year old.

Then I do worry that I may not be able to provide him the entire exposure that a professional group can even though I knwo mine will be richer and more lasting since it will be handpicked/ tailored for him and he will have a on-on-one attention. Does it get tougher as they grow older...what has been your experience.

Yet another concern is do schools in India admit homeschooled kids at a later stage (i am not in india and hence need to know...).

How can I look up you blog.




PD 2010-06-16 11:12:28



Will add u as my friend and when u accept, will send u the link to my blog. Maybe some of the links I have posted there will help u think about the issues that are of concern to u.


It is a tough decision and one that u will have to give thought to. I don't know so much about many countries, but it is legal in the U.S. although in Europe it is not. You can get a lot of info. on the net.

Yeah, that is what I find here too.....there is no balance......most schools go one way or the other, or if they follow an eclectic approach, then they miss out on some very basic things for kids. Most often they don't look at kids as kids. there is a physical and emotional readiness for everything and most schools push kids too much when they are not ready. They key is for teachers to find out when their kids are ready for something. They don't have time for that or don't know how to I guess.

My experience has been very recent. My son was going to this school till April and then they werte off on I am still learning. Am not doing anything very much now......just getting him to unlearn some things that he had "learnt" at school and enjoy learning and being himself.

But I am so glad that there are so many parents who are questioning all this and giving more time to their kids. That is the first step I think to changing the system.

Would love to hear your views and thoughts. Do visit my blog.

Homeschooling too is seen in different ways by different people. It is a life-changing experience.........My son has a lot of kids in the building of different ages and so he does get a lot of opportunity to interact and wath them. we even force kids to make friends and will happen only when they are ready for it, no matter how much u push them.





BrillAdith 2011-01-11 16:36:39


Hi PD,

First of al, Congrats of being a teacher and mom to your kid. You are one of those lucky ones.

I am a working mom, but I have been yearning to be my kid's teacher. I know he connects with me easily, i know all his strenghts.  He loves the planets, the dinos, the stars and I can see kids unwind and imagine and be creative. I would be shattered when the teacher says, what is the use of knowing the planets if you are not even potty trained. 

Btw, Where are you put up and which school you had put your kid into. I stay in Chennai and trying for pre-kg adm. The maddening Chennai adm fever has left us demoralised.

I checked your blog site, need answers to above questions. If you could share your contact no, wud be gr8



PD 2011-01-11 20:10:18


Hi BrillAdith

I understand your frustrations and concerns. I went through those too earlier on...Will tell u more on a one-one chat. Why don't u send me ur email id? We can then share info, nos. etc. That would be better I think.

I am in Chennai too. Live on the ECR. How did u stumble on my blog?



SMRK 2011-03-10 00:23:36


Hi PD,

I am a new member in this parentree website.I would like to know more about how you are homeschooling your kid,PD.I am planning to homeschool my son who is 5 and half yr old.




moyu22 2011-03-11 11:59:56


Hi PD,

I want to homeschool my son. He is going to be 3 in March. I want to know how to go about this. What schedule are we suppose to follow at home? Where does one get the curriculum from? Kindly write in detail.







BijalC 2011-07-22 02:32:41


 Hi Priya,

I have twins and they are only 6 months old. But right from the time i got pregnant i was worried about their education. I dont know why but i am very very skeptical about the schools these days and so was looking for alternative learning. I found 1 school in delhi (MIRAMBIKA) which is does not have a formal education system. The other option i feel is homeschooling.

Thankfully i stumbbled upon your blog and would like to add you as a friend. Please accept.



Amatullah 2011-11-17 19:57:47


Hi PD,

am a new member, and intersted in homeschooling my kids...

have many questions like some of the sisters here...

am also from chennai, can v vchat online on skype or yahoo, or maybe if u could let me kn ur  contact no. could call u...





HappyMa 2013-06-21 01:20:47


Hi Priya,

I have become interested in the idea of homeschooling recently. Would love to meet up with you and your son some time. I live in chennai too, in  Alwarpet. Please let me know if you would like to meet.






deepti05 2013-07-03 16:40:07


 Hi priya

Liked the idea of homeschooling but just wondering whether it is equally rewarding for kid in terms of the environment(friend,swings,toys) they get in schools?my daughter is 2.3 yr old and I am thinking to put her in school because i think she has full on energy which we are not able to utilise to the fullest

Please guide me how u do it(homeschooling) for ur baby.

Looking forward to hear from u!



JoohiM 2013-07-03 22:05:24


 I presume to homeschool a kid would be real hardworking for a mom it's a bigger responsibility.Priya, are you still homeschooling him? How do u structure his learning s?So eager to know about experience.


sdubey05 2013-10-25 13:22:25


Hi priya, 
I am sudipta from Delhi, 
first I want to congratulate you for breaking from the system and creating one for your child, 
I am sure it has been the right decision.
my 5 year old is in the mainstream education....
To put mildly I am extremely disappointed with the system....
my son is a mild mannered soul who likes do things at his own pace, he is just not getting the help needed to do the same, 
so both me and my husband are thinking of pursuing the homeschooling option, aggressively....
i am anxious about taking the leap....
i am sure interacting with like minded parents would put lots of doubts in perspective, 
Thanking you in advance for any help that you may provide, 


taany 2013-11-13 16:15:34


Hi Priya... Its been over 3 years and the response to this discussion started is still going strong....tell me how is homeschooling ur kid going.... Regards, Tanya

taany 2013-11-25 17:55:03


Hi Priya... Its been over 3 years and the response to this discussion started is still going strong....tell me how is homeschooling ur kid going.... Regards, Tanya

prisri30 2013-11-25 19:38:26



Sorry all for not responding....was just too busy doing our own thing and being with the very active online group of homeschoolers that was formed, and so did not feel too inspired to log in to Parentree :)....We are doing great and are blazing our trail choosing a path of unschooling (an idea put forth first by John Holt, the author of many books like "How Children Learn", "How children fail" etc.). I will try and follow parentree more regularly now and those who really want to communicate with me regarding homeschooling could please do so by emailing me at with queries and thoughts or anything else, which I am more certain to see and reply. Thanks Tanya for pursuing me! :) Love...

kiwimom 2015-04-26 14:52:40


Hi Everyone,
I live in New Delhi  and I have a three year old daughter who has just joined junior kindergarden.  Its been just three weeks and the teacher has already told me that she is the quietest in the a class of six, doesn't talk or mingle with others and that the teacher has never heard her voice in these three weeks.  I'm not getting overly worried about that. I feel she needs time to adjust to a new environment.

However what has got me worried is the Unit Book the children have started with.  I was appalled to the how no thought has gone into the how the child learns from the book. Its too cluttered with information which I feel won't make sense to my daughter.
Even the pictures meant for coloring are small. How many 3 year olds have good motor skills to color a picture that is small.

Its early days I know but if the case of how they impart education to such young and tender minds, I'm very sceptical about its overall impact in the next two years before she joins Class 1.
If there is any parent in New Delhi who homeschools their child or is toying with the idea, I would love to get in touch with them to know their views and share my concerns.   
my email is

Thanks and hoping to hear from you


rajivg 2016-12-03 13:55:27


hi....i would like to be in touch with the parents who homeschool their child in Delhi.  by interacting we can share idea for our children s betterment.  

homeschoolmama 2017-03-29 09:54:35


Hi, I'm also looking for parents, preferably of kindergartners (3-4 year old), who are homeschooling/planning to homeschool their child. Please contact me on mesabaaa[at]gmail[dot]com. I live in Delhi too.

abhisheksaxena 2017-09-13 16:40:27


Hi There,

If anyone is interesting in homeschooling then we can plan a schedule and interactions, my kid is 6 years old in 1st grade. I am not liking the so called international schools and the quality they provide, also now worried about security.   I am staying in Indirapuram, Delhi NCR


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