My son is diagnosed with ADHD

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Vikas1109 2015-03-07 16:36:34


I have a 7 years old son who is not able to speak and hardly make interaction with the other person. He always lives in his own world. He however now follows most of the instructions but never reply if we ask him any question.  

Earlier doctors diagnosed him with autism but later also with ADHD. He doesn't have high degree of spectrum but mild one. 

Currently we are taking advice from one Neurologist and he is prescribing him Storax syp and lamitor tab. Recently added tab Inspiral 5 mg also. 

I am not sure if we are moving towards right direction and really worried about his life. He is not at all social in his behaviour and doesn't interact even with his pears. We have however enrolled him in a small school where he has learnt alphabets, numbers, rhymes but doesn't have clear voice. 

Friends, I need your advice and help if one can share his/ her experience and knowledge to cure this disorder. 


Shishupal1836 2015-10-20 12:03:32


Hello Vikas,
If your Child is Mild Autism, I would request to Kindly Provide Camel Milk. You can read about "camel milk autism" on google. Make you sure you give him for good 2-3 months regularly. You will see the changes positively. Although camel milk is not available easily in the market and its very expensive around 800 per litre. But if you all are staying nearby Noida And Indirapuram, I can assist you with that. 
Kindly let me know where you stay?
Also you are required to give him speech Classes and a Group class therapy.

Shishu Pal


shabana786 2016-09-16 08:43:28


hello vikas

good that you have got a good school for your child..... i cannot suggest anything about medicines....for that if you are not sure please take a second for education look for special education in your vicinity....don't bother much about the traditional mainstream schooling of the child...focus towards his overall growth and training in all aspects of life....your child will be needing your unconditional support in this major learning phase of with him....n good that the symptoms are training will give good results.



thirupathisai 2017-08-22 18:35:32


Dear Shishu pal,
Will U any camel milk availablity in dwarka delhi


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