how to create interest for writing .

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priyankatyagi 2012-07-12 02:41:04


 hi, i m hving 3yrs old L K G going kid.My problem is same baby is not ready to write anymore.he can learn but not hold pencil or cryons....i used a lots of techniques to create intrest but  fail to create intrest.He is happy to go schol but  not for homework.he got only 2-3 pages for homework but...... pls suggest to me what to do??/

sapphire 2012-08-04 13:03:53


Hi Priyanka,

     First of all, see to it that his fine motor skills( small muscles) are well developed.Let him love his fingers . Give him paints and let him do the messy activity with fingers and hands. Gradually come down to crayons and then pencil. You need to have patience, if you want your child to develop love for writing.

Take Care


sachpreet 2012-08-04 14:11:12


Hi Priyanka

He is 3 year old & going to LKG.I think he should be in Nursery.In Nursery for a 3 year old child school start writing work with slanting lines,sleeping & standing lines.In my opinion 2- 3 pages of homework is not also ideal at this age.My kid is 5 year old & in UKG.When he was 4 year old & in LKG.He never like writing work. I sent blank copies regularly without  doing any homework.Sometimes i got embarrassed,sometimes frustarted ,teacher told me he will lag behind in upper classes.But i didn't lose patience.I was confident he will pick up one day.Believe me one month back he finished one page work in 2 & half hours.It does not mean that he is slow.He could finish that work in 10 mins.But it was only lack of interest in writing.It was daily struggle for me to finish his work & sometimes i took tablet for headache.

But from the past 15 days he picked up so fast & now he writes three letter words in cursive writing & finish one page in 10-15 mins.Now he even writes names of the days so well that i couldn't believe.Now he is having so much interest in writing that he used to write here & there on plain sheets.He himself  sit for finishing his homework.He get only one page of homework daily.Quantity of homework becomes the reason for lack of interest in writing.So don't pressurize on quantity.

There are lots of discussions on writing on PT.I just followed that.Child picks up the things when the right time comes for the child.So don't worry.


aanchal 2012-08-05 09:29:55


your child is one year ahead in school. if taught in a proper sequence, children pick up writing,

writing shouldnt be introduced with paper pencil. there are sequences to follow in writing material, writing content both. if the sequences are not correct, children find it difficult to pick up easily and soon lose interest.



sachpreet 2012-08-05 20:56:54


Hi priyanka

You can buy slate & black board because i make him practice on slate.Slate is very handy.Nowadays it is not much available in markets but children love slates.



Ruthee 2012-09-05 18:29:43



I truly think your child is much small for LKG. Find out if he is the youngest kid and see if according to the CBSE guidelines, he is in the right class for his age. Even if he isn't you its up to you to decide what's best for your child. My daughter was admitted into KG (SR.K.G) when she was 4 and she was much younger than all of them in her calss + she was finding it hard to cope up. I spoke to the authorities and amde her repeat KG. Now my daughter is in class 1 and an A grade student. Today, I am glad that I didn't push my daughter which is what most of them advised me to do.

All the Best,






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