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veensey 2012-05-25 16:36:30


hi everyone.


Need help in knowing the best playshool in dwarka, delhi....I want my daughter(2 yrs) to be in an environment that is safe, makes friends and obviously learns good things. I am not very particular about putting her in a school just for show-off like Mother's pride but at the same time if the school is very good I dont mind putting her there.



Samsmom 2012-05-31 14:00:06



I am also living in Dwarka and have a two yr old daughter.Am working so i am looking for a good play school in Dwarka.Have come accross Queen's Valley junior school and Brats and Cuties.Hard to decide which one is better.

I am worried that my daughter will not be happy there.Had put her in Maother's pride for a few days , found it to be a total sham.They are useless !! Just minting money.

Most of these pre schools are horribly expensive. 

I dont mind paying money if the school is really good.

So which sector you live in ? I stay in Dwarka sector 21


veensey 2012-08-21 16:37:06




Apologies for replying so late and thanks for the response.

I live in Sector 2.

I have no idea about Queens Valley but I have heard from a number of people that Brats and Cuties is not that good.

Well, I am still confused which one I should put her in. I went to Just Kidz in Dwarka, Sec 9 today. Seemed ok.

Icon is an other option. Mothers Pride is just showbaazi but still there are quite a few ppl giving good reviews about the school.

I have currently put her in an activity centre nearby for 2 hrs. She cries a lot when she goes there. Initially she was happy but later I guess she got bored of that place.

There aren't many kids her age there.

Have you decided on a play school or have you put your daughter in one now??


ankushsaxena 2014-01-16 16:01:25


Hello All, I am proud to be a part of Mother's Pride
It is good to know that the staff at Mothers Pride is genuinely concerned about every child's well being and this shows in their gestures.


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