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Medee 2011-12-14 22:42:44



I am in Hyderabad currently and planning to move to Delhi in next academic year. I would like to know some  good schools in Delhi. Area is not a restriction, I can  move where ever a good school is. 

Please help me, I am looking for a school which is good in academics and sport, and most importantly they have good and understanding teachers.




pradak 2012-01-05 20:48:17



I do not know the standard of education in hyderabad but i guess its always higher than delhi..

i shifted from blore 2 years back and have found from personal experience that schools here are divided into 2 classes... one which is totally education oriented like DPS and others which survive by providing extra curricular activities, ac room and host of other  luxury ( for which they charge a bomb) and education can go for a toss.

my daughter is studying in one of the latter schools called Presidium in dwarka region .. fees is approx 1.1 lakh p.a incl bus fees.. you can add another 10 towards books and uniform .. Other schools in dwarka region which charge the same are Venkateshwar International school, G D goenka (which charges even more), Maxfort etc..These schools believe that kids should not be burdened with heavy load of studies and quite often (except VIS)  a chapter is streched for a long time just to make the concepts clear... for people from south, it becomes quite irritating.

the other schools like basava international, BGS, Dwarka International follow the middle path in all aspects... at least that is what i have gathered.. there are other schools like mount carmel which are quite difficult to get in but are reputed to be quite good.. one more school is st gregorious which is run by a kerala missionary trust..very less fees but very academic..low on infrastructure

hope this is helpful



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