Navi Mumbai Schools Review

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Anil85 2019-01-14 11:58:42


Hi all, since I checked lot of reviews for my kid during admission so got some experience so hence i am sharing with you all, I am just sharing the experience and details which i had gone through personally for nursery admission. 1-DON BOSCO NERUL,- if u prefer for this school admission check website preference location, if you dont fit on those location criteria even if it difference of one sector, do not fill the form and apply, it will be waste of money and time, they do not consider it at all and no source will work, so better apply anywhere else, PROS- Good education CBSE board, lot of play activity overall if you get admission u are lucky, 2- DAV School CBSE nerul- again as per location criteria education is just OKay not so high standard, lot of play activites available, 3-APeejey CBSE Nerul-Good education good play activity. but admission process is lenghty and you will never ever come to know what criteria they follow, coz they take only Birth certificate of kid, no other documents even if kids interview goes well, chances are very less, sm1 told me they r involved in setting/taking money, but i am not sure, my child name was not on list and interview goes all well, i dnt know what they considered, 4-AMRITA vidyalam CBSE Juinagar- education just average lot of playing activity, they lack in english speaking development, admission process it okay and easy, 5-Sadhu Vasvani ICSE board Sanpada- good education but no playing activity if you want to make your kid robot kind of guy its nice school fee around 80-90K per annum, 6-Avalon hights ICSE Vashi-one of the best school in new mumbai, nice education, good playing activity, admission process bit lengthy fee around two lakh 30 thousand on average it may go above dont expect below, 7- Orchid school CBSE Vashi-good school nice playing activity fee per annum average 85-90K., i have heard other schools of CBSE board but they are not upto the mark, I dint try any of the state board school so no idea.


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