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 Former member 2017-06-08 15:26:21


Dear Parents,

I am new to this school and not sure how to create/register in parent login on school website.

I have enr no however I am unable to find the option to sign up. It gives page to enter credentials to login. I do not have password and there is no option for forgot password.

Someone please help.


Nikita16 2017-06-13 16:07:45



please check below link

please enter the complete enrollment number which starts with VK10108- ENROXXXX

your 1st time password will be the same as your user number. i.e your enrollment number.

try and let me know if its work.

by the way in which class your child is? my daughter is in Jr Kg


 Former member 2017-06-20 09:22:18


Thanks Nikita :) It worked...

my daughter is in Sr Kg

what's your daughter's names?

Nikita16 2017-06-20 10:48:21


my daughter's name is Aarohi Kadam. what is your daughter's name?

 Former member 2017-06-27 11:41:04


Rashi Sawant
sr kg D

I am coming to pick her from school in this week, if you see this message then let's meet

Nikita16 2017-06-28 12:42:12



I come to drop her and my husband comes to pick her up :)

where do you stay?


 Former member 2017-06-29 09:26:00


I stay near school, behind Vrindavan soc

Umesh1818 2018-06-15 08:48:15


I am unable to login on parents portal using my child enrolment no can any one help

 Former member 2018-06-16 03:05:01


Use password as first to letters of your kid€™s name in caps followed by their dob ddmmyyyy

eg. For kid€™s name - abhay

4417 2020-01-07 16:08:29


Hi Medam Myself jignesh patel my son studying in v c in vibgyor school vadodara I want need a bonofied certification for passport renewal plz kindly request to plz send


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