Vibgyor Airoli - Sr.KG 2017-18 batch

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 Former member 2016-11-04 23:35:28


Dear Parent,
Starting this thread to keep all parents connected who have child going to Vibgyor (Airoli) in Sr.Kg. for academic year 2017-18.
I am in process of taking admission and also house hunting to shift in Airoli.
Please feel free to join the conversation and discuss or share your experience with Vibgyor.
Thank you.

 Former member 2016-11-04 23:52:47


- I liked its infra and swimming pool (as my daughter loves to play in pool) We requested for showing us the school around and they sent one person with us to show us around. He was showed us all the places like classroom, swimming pool, area where they conduct gymnastics and skating activity, lunch area is just besides pool and basket ball + football ground.

- They have waived off the one time admission fees (40k) if you take admission before 15th Nov. Sr.KG fees is approx 90K. Snacks will be served.

- From Grade I, students can use card or coupons to buy food and later parents can pay monthly, yearly (optional).

- Transportation is around 22k/year for Airoli residents (can be paid in 2 parts)

- I liked the security system, students ids are swiped in when they are entering the school and swiped out while exiting; both the times your registered number will receive sms.

This was the info given to us when we visited the school, if at all there is any discrepancy in the above info and reality... I request parents to please highlight it here.. this will help many of us to take decisions or right action before hand.

 Former member 2016-11-13 13:32:57


Are there any parents who would like to join this thread to be in contact?
I have started admission process, interactive session with kid is pending.
Feel free to drop comments and questions here.

rvidya19 2018-10-05 14:04:42


Hi parents, I am planning to enroll my daughter for 2019-20 What is your overall experience of the school? No doubt the infrastructure and facilities is brilliant. I'm just worried about fees consistently increasing every year as I hear this quite often about the school. Any feedback to help me make my decision about the school would help. Thanks Regards, Vidya

Durgaj82 2019-01-28 21:26:34


Hello friends, I am also planning to enroll my son dor 3rd grade. Please give suggestions if it's a good school. Thanks in advance.

 Former member 2019-07-16 23:11:41


Hello Madam, We are moving to airoli next year and looking for admission for our kid to 2nd grade in Vibgyor airoli. Can you please share your feedback on this school. I got a review that there is increase in fee every year around that true..please share the fee structure for this school


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