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ushmapunatar 2010-12-12 11:55:01


hi muskan,

it`s nice to know that u are so active on this blog.. my main concern is the academics of the school can u give me the curriculum in jr kg



muskaan 2010-12-13 09:23:15


GM Ushmapunatar,

for jr kg. they do have daily one physical activity(skates,dance,guitar,stage performance,play ground activities,physical training etc)

their daily routine do include maths,EVS,language development,value of the month,festivals and celebration.

little ones r not at all stressed or pressurized to compete or to complete any given task.

as a parent we r presently quite satisfied with the growth.


ushmapunatar 2010-12-18 14:59:46


thanx muskan , its nice to know that all round development is well catered to. where do u stay are u in mulund. can i get ur contact number if u dobn`t mind



muskaan 2010-12-22 15:50:02


hi ushmapunatar,

i do stay in mukund west,it would be safe if we revile our personal details on our respective email ids.u can do mail me at



fn 2010-12-23 16:15:39


hi all,

glad to learn about euro school and all its plusses :-)  we just moved to Airoli sector 19 and we are looking forward to see our children study in this school.

Does anyone know or have experience about applying one's child into Euro School Jr. Kg?  Our daughter's name did not appear on the 16 Dec 2010 list :-(

Sister got on the list in playgroup.

Thank you for any advise.




bindu27 2011-01-10 20:33:50



  I was also looking for admission to euroschool,airoli. My son would be in 2nd grade this coming year. I read somewhere that academically they are not that good.... Is it just a rumour. Pls would somebody whose son is studying out there reply.Also can someone give me any info about the fees structure. Also after 4th grade do we have to pay the admission fees again....

Thanks so much in advance..

An anxious mom like many others....





fn 2011-01-10 23:51:08


hi all, no need to reply my daughter got thru on the second list.


ara 2011-02-09 17:11:47


pl. anyone who cou ld tell about the academic progress for higher grades like fifthe and sixth grade. pl. your inputs would be very helpful.


titli 2011-02-17 12:45:55


hi friends,

I have a 22 moths old son, and I am willing to put him in a play group. Please suggest me, which play group will be better?? I've hard abt euro kids, so please let me know about the process of admission and when they star distributing the form, how can I get it? Actually, I am from WB, so I'have no idea about it. Please help me with it...



disa 2011-06-30 21:55:07


Hi all,

My kid is in Junior , Glad to join the group.

Happy about school environment , teachers  and other staff.

They are caring and act responsibly.

My only concern is transport fees which is exborbiantly high comapre to other school like new horizon and DAV.

They have almost doubled the charge from last year.

Would like to know response from others?



deepalip 2011-07-06 22:09:08


My son also have started going to playgroup.. vasai.. Within 15 days i am finding lot of changes in him. he is enjoying a lot.


bindu27 2011-07-08 10:57:19



    Heard that from next term onwards they are going to allow private transportation also for the parents...Many parents complained about the fees of the bus and it seems they are reviewing it....



SK1975 2011-07-19 19:24:35



glad to join this group.. actually my  son too has been admitted in euro JR  this year..

i agree the fees are pretty exhorbitant in comparison to DAV .. my daughter is in V grade this yr transferred her to euro fm DAV .. just hoping the education will do her good..

they do have lots of activities but yet to start them full fledged ..

didnt expect extra expenses after the high fees which was supposedly to include all the extra activities!!! the skates which they had specified is pretty costly and that too when kids will be growing we would be spending same amounts or more every year for the activity!!


deepshan79 2011-07-27 13:32:10



I stay in Bhandup. I have put my son in Tree house hallmanrk, mulund in playgroup. I want to put in Euro school but they do not take outside airoli residents for nursery. So they said that i can put him in euro kids and then take admission in the school for jr. kg. Hence i am planning to put him in euro kids in nursery.

But i would like to know more about the school. I know  they have many extra curricular activites which is very good. But how about the teaching and the teachers.

Can somebody give some reviews on the teaching part. Also i heard that they ask parents to buy branded stuff. Is that true?

Waiting for your reviews.







bindu27 2011-08-02 09:14:27



    The teachers are very friendly and you can meet any of them after school any day...The teaching is also good. Not too much stress on the kids but they pretty much cover everything that they need to...Till now the school is satisfied with what I bought for my son and I have not got any branded item for him.. In face I got the skates for him from a local sports store and I have not received any complaints from the school... They do give you a lot of options for the skates but I would not call that branded.. It is just to be safe,I guess.. It is in compilation with the skating association of Maharashtra.. Other than that I have purchased eveything according to my wish...

    Hope this helps...


deepshan79 2011-08-04 13:47:56


Hi bindu27,

Thankyou so much for your review. It has been very helpful. In which grade is your son?





bindu27 2011-08-05 22:48:13


Hai deepshan79,

     Glad to be of help. My son is in 2nd grade....


gaugar 2011-08-26 00:39:12


hello, my son is currently studying in euroschool airoli, garde 1, he's been in this school since it started...however, the exhorbitant rise in transportation fees, making adidas brand of  shoes compulsory and various other issues has really got me and other parents to think about our decision of enrolling in this school....inspite of approaching the school /management the transportation fees are not reduced...saying that the gps facility(which is not installed as of today and still parents are charged for the same)costs a they are planning for international curriculum(which is uncalled for) for which they will definately carge a bomb...Me and a few parents have aprroaching the school and requesting them for the transportation fees, however, the response was very negative,,,if there are other parents with the same concern...please join us as the strength of parents and their concerns would waken up the management....

a very concerned europarent


namy 2011-08-26 11:38:27


Hi Gaugar,


I was planning to put my daughter in euro school next year.

Can you please give me an idea about how much they have started charging for the transportation?

ANd planning for international curriculum..does that mean that they are shifting from ICSE board to International board?? IF that is the case then i might have to re-visit my plans of putting her in euro school.


gaugar 2011-08-26 22:17:49


Hello Namy,

                          the fees increased for transportation by 30% this year...which is exhorbitant..This year the school has demanded transportation fees of Rs. 1650 per month but parents need to pay 6600 Rs  per quarter which is Rs19800 for a year, this amount was calculated after a group of parents kept on writing to the management about the increased fees they were charging 7400*3installments(every 4 months)=Rs22200... 

Also the overall rise in the transportation fees is 32% higher than last year (2010-11). The increase in transportation fees for year 2010-11 was 17% over the year 2009-10.There is no gps installed and yet we are charged for the same...


We also have been informed by our friends and family that another renowned school in the vicinity of Euro School is charging Rs. 14,000 only per year for the same routes....

Pls , survey all the schools and also their transportation policies....we were the core group who joined this school in 2009 with gr8 expectations...we were assured that they won't follow the billabong route of charging fees or branding....but everything seems to be going for a doubt their teaching menthods are good...but there are so many hidden details like extra activities(sports i.e football,cricket...charged extra and no transportation given)...

My suggestion, select a school after an adiquate study ...also w.r.t transporttation and other promises which schools give(chk the reality) the end...each school has it's way of milking money....if u have money go for it...if want to value ur money and want to teach ur child the same...pls tell each parent to speak out...all parents need to come together

I hope, all this above theory is of any help to you....


muskaan 2011-08-27 11:44:58



i agree withyou 100%,




namy 2011-08-29 09:40:34


Thanks a lot Gauger and muskaan for your advice..I will indeed re-visit my decision.

Though another thing that i would like to know from both of you is whether they are also planning to change the board i.e. from ICSE to IB?

And can you suggest few schools as i am new to this area?


muskaan 2011-08-29 09:52:11


GM namy,

we have received a circular , 3 - 4 days back, which state thAT the school is interested in knowing  the no. of europarents interested in international curriculum,everythimg is at initial stage now, they r undertaking a survey for the same...............WHAT NEXT;;   WE R STILL CLUELESS.

would like to know  in which area r u looking for schools ?




namy 2011-08-29 17:30:23


Thanks a lot..

You daughter's name is also muskaan :)

I am looking for school in mulund.Have booked flat in runwaal greens, next to fortis hospital.So any good school not very far off from that place.




deepshan79 2011-10-17 21:06:43


Hi Muskaan,

I would like to know if there is any further update on the internation board plans of euro school. Even if they are starting with internation board, will they continue with the icse board as well.

Also please help with reviews of billabong school if possible. Actually i stay in bhandup and am confused between euro or billabong.

Awaiting reply.






pugajra 2011-10-31 13:17:32


I would like to know whether if i secure admission in nursery of Eurokids in mulund my son automatically get eligible for admission in Euroschool Airoli.


SK1975 2011-10-31 19:13:07



euro school airoli caters first to siblings of kids already in school ;

airoli and vashi kids- eurokids group in that area;

then mulund west and east eurokids and local area kids in airoli,

so it all depends how many they can admit in one year ..  if the number of kids of their area itself is high then maybe you may not get admission .. but there is always a hope of them increasing the number of classes.. as was done this year .. right now strength of kids in each class is around 30 approx with around 9 divisions in!!!

hope this info was of use to u


KALPAN 2011-12-05 15:05:02


Hi SK1975

Since you have admitted your daughter for 5th in Euro from DAV, I would like to know the progress observed by you w.r.t. the studies as in this forum also many parents are listening a lot about their extra curricular activities but curriculam/studies at higher grades, no one is aware.  It will be helpful to all of us if you share your experience for 5th grade and also a comparative analysis, if possible between DAV and Euro.


Hi Bindu27

I would also like to get your experience till date about your son and the studies thereof for 2nd std.

I am planning to put my daughter in Euro next year for 2nd grade but considering the mixed reviews about the school and specially no review about the academics part, have again decided to revisit my decision.

Your input will be of great use to me.

Thanks in advance.




giresh73 2011-12-09 09:47:38


Hi all,

We have started a website for all parents of children studying in Euro Schools across India. Its good to have all parents in one place sharing and learning more about the education and growth aspects of their children.


Pls log on to



cda 2012-04-17 14:34:43


So far am very happy with Euro Airoli, My daughter has just completed Jr Kg.   Find the fees exorbitant but no choice elsewhere.  I hope the curriculum doesn't turn International, that worries me. 


Also am unable to open the website



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