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amit80 2016-03-17 12:28:32


Hello all,
We will be moving from Pune to Airoli . My Son has taken intra transfer from Vibyor NIBM road to Vibyor AIroli. Any good areas to stay in or near airoli . Looking for good safe, cosmopolitan kind of premise

anu2012 2016-03-17 14:59:07


Hello Amit,

You can look at Sec8 and Sec8A near Vibgyor, its a good areas. Else Sector 19-20.

Sumeet80 2016-08-30 01:55:51


Hi all, I will be shifting to mumbai, Two places which i shortlisted are Bhandup or Airoli. I believe schools in Airoli are better as compared to Bhandup.Can someone pls confirm. In Airoli i believe good schools are Vibgyor, Euro and New Horizon. Can somebody please guide me as which is better school .Are these CBSE board ?? When does forms are out for 2017 admissions ??? My daughter is in 5th standard

anu2012 2016-08-31 20:19:24


Hello Sumeet80,

Yes, Airoli will be a better place in terms of availability of schools.
New Horizon Public School(NHPS), New Horizon Scholars school (NHSS), DAV - CBSE,  Vibgyor have CBSE, ISC & IGCSE, Euro is ICSE and IGCSE.
 Most of them start admissions for new academic year from October-December. But that is mostly for Nursery level. You might need to connect with school separately for higher classes.


Sumeet80 2016-09-01 17:50:05


Hey Anu thanx , Actually my wife's office is in Andheri East, so was wondering if Airoli would be a good place or should look for Bhandup considering all parameters like Rentals, Schools , Traffic density etc etc . If u can give some words it will be nice . My daughter shall go in 5th standard , if i ask u best school in Airoli for her which one will u suggest and reasons . My son is just 2.5 yrs old and going to play school , Whats the age limit for nursery admissions

Sumeet80 2016-09-01 17:50:58


Also wanna check whats the good sector to search good apartments , Any idea on rental for 2 or 3 BHK

anu2012 2016-09-01 19:12:06


Sector 8, 8A, Sector 18, 19, 20 are good - 2 BHK will be 20-25 I guess depending on the level of furnishing. If the apartment complex is plush can even be 30. 3 bHK - again 30+ for furnished.

anu2012 2016-09-01 19:23:18


Sumeet80  - Travel to Andheri - yes, not too easy from Airoli unless there is a company vehicle. But between Bhandup & Airoli, time saved will be around 10 - 15 minutes max. The traffic issue starts beyond bhandup and everything slows down from there. You can look at areas like  Marol/chakala/JB Nagar/Malad etc. Andheri east too has some decent housing options, but I dont know about schools in that area. Fomr my person experience - Vibgyor is the best - but fee is on the higher side. NHP, NHS, DAV - all good CBSE schools - but too much of studies, lot of homework and old mug up and write in paper system (according to me). So depends on what you are looking at :)

Sumeet80 2016-09-01 21:35:52


Dear Anu, Thanx, ur advise is really helping me , Will look for the areas u have suggested , Noted as per ur advise Vibgyor will be nice option, Is it CBSE board , any idea what time forms are out for next years admission. How about Euro school,??? What is the main difference between NHPS and NHSS???

anu2012 2016-09-11 23:04:28


Vibgyor has CBSE, ICSE and CIE - you can choose as per your req. They also have a daycare facility - where kids can stay after school. Open for kids outside also. My kid is in primary and I am happy with the school. But I am not sure about how it will be for higher classes.
NHP and NHSS - basically under same trust, CBSE, teaching methods, processes, activities etc similar. NHP is the older school hence preferred more. Both are good. You also have DAV with CBSE. It will be tough to get admission to higher classes at NHP, might be slightly easier at NHSS. Euro is good tood - ISCE and IGCSE.

BRP 2016-09-21 10:37:28


Hello anu2012,
Do you have any feedback or info for Grade V (ICSE) and above at VIBGYOR HIGH, Airoli? in terms of no. of divisions, availability of experienced teachers, pattern of assessment/exams, transport facility, parent teacher interaction etc?  How is the overall management of  the school and the yearly fees hike?

anu2012 2016-09-21 13:25:20


@BRP - Sorry, I dont have a detailed feedback as my kid is class 1 and the school itself is only 3 yrs old at Airoli. I cannot comment on the experience and expertise of teachers in higher classes, but I am quite confident of the assessment systems, transport, PTA and extra curricular activities. Children are not pressurized and they are given many academic and non-academic opportunities to excel. So far I have not heard complaints from anyone about quality of teaching in higher classes. Management of day to day activities is good. Fee is on the higher side - and as i said they have just completed 3 yrs, and I think it was hiked once. 


BRP 2016-09-22 13:01:32


Thanks anu2012 for your feedback!

Sumeet80 2016-10-08 21:26:39


Went to Airoli today, What i could see was all old buildings in that area and what we call in delhi as janta flats . I went to New horizon scholar school, Euro school, Vibgyor school, and then new horizon scholar school, What i was noticing is that i cant single out even one building which i can call as good . I dont mean disrespect to any place but i was looking for a new apartment/Society, Was in sector 7 -8 market, went to dealer , he said in all Airoli sectors i wont find much new apartments but all old buildings of 10 - 15 yrs . He showed me a 2 bhk in a ok ok type building with rental of 32 k , i was shocked if Airoli has this much price range , In thane a far far far better building and a 3bhl u can get arnd 30k, So now finally im thinking to relocate in Bhandup or the last option would be Thane

anu2012 2016-10-09 11:02:16


As far as I know the only preferred school in Bhandup is Pawar Public School. But admission there is very tough apparently as there are no better schools in the surroundings . Or else you can consider schools in Mulund like Sri Sri Ravishankar & Friends Academy. Then there are some international schools with high fee, but I really dunno if they are worth the cost. But Bhandup is a very congested place and there are not even parks etc for kids to play. Mulund is a much better place that way, there are good houses, schools and open spaces. You can try Thane too - interior Thane you get good houses at lower rate. There are many good schools too, I think NHSS too have a campus some where in Thane.

I am not sure which area you checked. There are many new & good building at Airoli and the ones with Swimming Pool, Gym and all the modern facilities. Check in any website like magicbricks or 99 acres. Airoli has 4-5 tech parks and all the new buildings have executives and professionals, but of course its not upmarket and you wont find much pomp and show-off here. Anyways I don't want to market Airoli here, but was shocked at how people can get duped without proper market research!!!


Sumeet80 2016-10-09 12:25:29


You are right , cant find good schools in Bhandup area , except for pawar . Thane is a very good residential area but then travelling from Thane to Andheri will be a pain i believe .. Regarding Airoli, i even purchased brouchure of Euro school in order to start the procedure , thats serious i was for Airoli, Went to Sector 5 , 7 ,15 ,17 , there couldnt see any good new apartment which i can finalise .. And then met property dealers too of that area who gave the same feedback.

anu2012 2016-10-09 16:29:57


I think you should also checkout at  at areas like  Marol/chakala/JB Nagar/Malad closer to Airoli etc. Andheri east too has some decent housing options, like 2 BKH within 30K. That way your wife can save a huge amount of travel time and energy. Houses might be smaller than Thane side, but believe me travel literally zaps energy, especially for a lady who need to manage kitchen and household stuff also. I don't know about schools around that area, but I am sure there will be good options as there are all popular hubs. Checkout the real estate websites first.

anu2012 2016-10-09 16:31:54


If at Airoli - look at sector 8, 8a, 19, 20 - the areas you looked out are not the best choices. But still I think you should check the areas mentioned in the above post before coming back to Bandup, Airoli, Thane side.

Sumeet80 2016-10-09 19:11:34


Thanx for your suggestion, Have already been to Andheri, Marol, There 2 bhk in a good society starts from 40 k onwards , I have tightened my budget to 30 k. Main point for me too is to reduce travel time for my wife and i should travel instead . But lools like i have to finalise place in thane , hiranandani estate only and take admiasion in hiranandani foundation school, Any comments on same .. Is it the right decision For kids and for us , with wife's office is in andheri and mine in wagle estate thane only

Sumeet80 2016-10-09 19:12:36


Will like to share my no. With u for conversation on whatsapp if its okk with u , pls ping me , 9650010268

anu2012 2016-10-09 21:11:05


Sure, I will ping you. This sounds good, school has good reviews. I think Hiranandani Foundation school gives admission to kids of residents, please double check and confirm. It is a beautiful place to be in and kids will enjoy too . There will be buses starting from inside the complex to Andheri. Wish you all the best!!!

Sumeet80 2016-10-09 23:21:02


Thanx Anu, From last 3 months im counting on ur suggestions , and really appreciate ur suggestions given. This platform and people like you are so helpful for people like us , who are basically outsiders and wants to settle down in mumbai.. Actually whenever i need some suggestions , i have put my questions to you here .. Looking forward

KC123 2017-01-29 23:16:28


I am Living in Airoli sector 8A  . 2BHK rent is around Rs. 24000
schools in Airoli are better. My kid is in Euro school and I am very happy with the performance.
There are some building in Airoli  with Swimming Pool, Gym and other facilities ( in sector 8A). You can check online or with any local agent.


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