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ravisinghiitr 2013-08-26 13:45:21


Hi All,


I will be shifting to Navi Mumbai from Hyderabad in the month of October, due to Job change. My office is in Mahape and I am planning to rent a house in Kopar Khairane. The question I have is that would I face a problem in finding school for my son, when I am relocating to Navi Mumbai at the middle of the session. My son in in Junior KG. As it is a initial class, I hope that his admission shouldnt be a problem. But still, thought of asking if anybody has some information.

Also, one more question I have is that what is the general fee structure ofr Junior KG in Mumbai? Here in Hyd, the annual fee for Junior KG is around 30K on an average. Is it the same there too? Also, is there any donation concept too? if yes, then how much?

If someone could help me in these questions, I would be highly thankful.


Thanks & Regards,



My son here studies in Bachpan Play School here in Hyd. If at all I find any problem, I will take a internal transfer for him to Bachpan, Kharghar. But that will be around 18 km from my office. But thats my plan B, if my plan A of finding school in Kopar Khairane doesnt work.

Neethi 2013-08-27 10:34:42


Hi Ravi,

I was in Vashi earlier and Kopar khairane is v close to Vashi...There are a couple of schools in Vashi too..Please check on the net ..My child was much younger then,so Iam not aware of names of these schools....

Bachpan may be there in Vashi too as vashi is quite a big place...It was a pleasure to stay in Navi Mumbai and Iam sure you will like the place too...

If u want any other information revert back....All the best.......


ravisinghiitr 2013-08-27 10:55:36


Thanks for the reply, Neethi.

I have been to Navi Mumbai earlier, and thats why I am not afraid to relocate there... I am also sure that I like the place already.. :)

I know that there would be many schools around, but I am just wondering that relocating in the middle of academic session would be a problem for my child's admission!!! Bachpan is not there in is only at two places, Kharghar and Kamothe... Kamothe is even far...

Do you also have some info about fees for Junior KG?

Warm Regards,



Neethi 2013-08-27 21:31:05


Hi Ravi,

I dont think admission in the middle of the year will be a problem..As long as u pay the donation and school fee..the school will not have an issue..

Fees may be somwhere between 30-40k but Iam not sure..There is a group here as Mumbai parents..U can post ur query there..Someone may help u out....





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