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Bombay Scottish School is a name to be reckoned with, my experience at this school has been nothing but an absolute pleasure. From the talented and understanding teachers to the plethora of extra curricular activities and inter houses competitions offered here, the school truly lays importance on the overall development of the child.
The school faculty and staff are extremely helpful and make sure that concerns are heard and changes are implemented. 
The school stresses on the discipline and academic success of the children and instills in them a sense of friendly competition to augment the child's personal journey.
Overall, an excellent institution which certainly lives upto its great name and inspiring history.


I do not understand why this schools is the most sought after schools in mumbai. My experience with this school has been terrible and I agree with the comments most of the parents have made in this thread. Teachers are rude, egoistic, ineffective and unapproachable. In addition, very biased and suck in their profession. We had our kids study abroad (NRIs) and returned back to India couple of years back. We were recommended Bombay scottish given all the hype by various media sites only to be highly disappointed with the decision. I recommend all new age parents to avoid getting their kids admitted into this school


My daughter has been studying in this school for the past 3 years. Her personality has degraded a lot. She used to be an extrovert bubbly child. Now she seems submissive and scared to go to school. My experience with the school has been equally worse. The teachers are majority case frustrated lot. They spank and slap the students for making minor mistakes. I wonder how they are authorized to do so. The majority cases and applications addressed to the Principal are not handed over to her. She seems to be a puppet in every event I see her. The entire teacher organization is a friend of kids of highly influential parents, specially those who show off. The mediocre students are not paid attention to even if they have a potential to excel. No opportunity in extra curricular activities. The exam system seems to be so secretive. The sample tests are not elaborative. In this era of prints and internet, no sample papers are given. If a child is demotivated she is not groomed or motivated. The teachers and the staff, till last year at the reception was so rude. I felt that we are taking admission to Doon school, But when I saw the standards of the education inside, its ridiculous. It does not match the standard of a convent school in India's smaller cities. The school does not have a proper playground. The students growth and development is stunted.


My experience has been similar to the one stated previously. The school is behind times and cares to promote only the ones who are already doing well. It is not a level playing field at all. I believe in the formative years the burden on the child has to be less. But the competitive spirit is so high that it quashes them and changes their personality. In just 3 months of BSS my child's personality has completely changed for the worse. From a confident outspoken friendly child, she is going into a shell. Iam throughtly disgusted with the regimental atmosphere at the school. They have huge numbers in the class and aren't able to manage them properly and therefore shut themselves away from the parents.


My child has spend four years in this school. Though very reputed and sought after school it really does not stand up to its reputation. The journey after kindergarten has just been getting worse.The number of students per class is mind boggling at 45-48. The teachers are totally inaccessible with a very rude attitude,especially the ones who have completed 5 or more years teaching here. They all appear to be a frustated lot. They talk very rudely with the parents forget about encouraging children to take any initiative in the classrooms. My daughter instead of improving over the years has only gone more into her shell thanks to the teachers shooing any child approaching them. They are so overworked that they forget to do half of the things. In todays world where reading is the promoted, BSS does not have a proper library period. The teacher supposedly keeps a few books in the class which the children can take to read if there is a free time of 10-15 minutes.The only break the children have is of 10-15 minutes in which they have to go to toilets and also eat their snacks. The whole system is totally insensitive. We were hoping that with the new principal coming in things might change,but she was also overpowered by the politics and pressure...inspite of increasing the number of divisions the no. of children in each class remain high and the principals efforts to introduce more open house(interaction b/w teacher and parent) also failed.If parents had another ICSE option in this part of town BSS would be our last choice.My experience with both the 1st and the 2nd std. class teachers has been bad. Guess one has to be lucky to get a good teacher which is only 5% of all the teachers.



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