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1. Bad Management team 2. No standard followed as other branches 3. Teachers are not co-operative 4. No Feedback about the children 5. Any information passed late OR never shared about anything 6. Show-off is more 7. More nos of children (40 nos) in a class with A SINGLE TEACHER 8. No discipline in the class 9. Overall not good for the small child


I willlike to give the review on two parts. First one is the management. Ryan Chembur is not at all managed properly. You will always get half information on the net and other half info u need to find out. Bus facility is ok ok... not so great. infact the whole one month on june we suffered a lot of propblems regarding the bus. very few teachers are good.. rest all are frehsers who cannot control the class ane teach also. I myself went to school so many times to teach Senior K.G. Teacher "phonics". She was teaching wrong. Second part is Syllabus. Rayn has a very huge syllabus. Now it depends on the parents, teachers and the student how much efforts they are taking. If you want to take admission in Ryan Chembur, be prepared for all chaos and worries that you will get free with the admission. For CIPP, they have started their scholl one month late i.e. on June. But still many of the Grade 1 students have not received their uniforms. No wiorksheets on the net hence CIPP parents are always wondering whatis actually happening in the school.


I have done a mistake ... you please ommit the same... there is no system at all! and the teachers in Montessory write "Rido" insted of "Redo" so you can imagine the standard... - ID Cards not done for kids... they are plating with our children's security - you have to go on internet daily to check what happened/ going to happen in an age where an instant SMS comes to parents... primitive.. money hungry!



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