Gopal Sharma Memorial School - Mumbai

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Callous attitude of the management and principal. Children are left on their own during recess they run around campus, fight get hurt and bring back the entire tiffin without eating anything. overburdened with books English subject has 5-6 books like Rapid Reader, Coursebook, Workbook, Composition, English Rough Book, Notebook, Grammar Workbook and Notebook. So many books have to be carried the bag weighs more then 10kg. My son is in 4th std he is made to climb 5th floor everyday no life facility for children Unlike other schools where textbooks are kept back in school and worksheets are provided here students do donkey work of carrying heavy load Teachers are totally untrained they rush through the portion the books are incomplete, they are unchecked most of the time Tough question paper are set and apart from monthly assessment there are frequent test almost every other day there is a test Now my child as stopped showing interest in these test There is no discipline management for small silly reasons the parents are called to school. the school doesnt take responsibility the receptionist is rude to the core she gets abusive pathetic school



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