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Vivero is an extremely bad school! This institution is a product of extremely greedy proprietors. They started the daycare on 17th June (2 days after the decided date of 15th June). They asked us for 2 months' fees (Rs.7,000/- per month) in advance and all the parents readily paid for it since we wanted a good place for our kids. Now, just after a month's time of their operations, i.e, on 19th July, the Manager informed us that they want to close down the daycare and instead use the same premise for another pre-school class (they already have 2 Pre-nursery and 2 Nursery classes running). Most of the parents who have admitted their children in this institution are working and now are in big soup due to such situation. My daughter is 1.5 years old and she went through a proper anxiety period of almost a 10 days’ time before she settled down to this place. I remember her crying whole day during the 1st week. Now, we are in a situation (for none of our fault) that we’ll need to make her go through the whole trauma again at some other daycare center. We shifted our home near to this school so that it is easier for our daughter and for us too. Apart from that, this transition to Vivero was a planned one so I’d flown down my mother to be there at the school while she is settling down. When all the parents talked to the CEO (Mr. Ranjan Goel) about our concerns, the best answer that we received was “We will help you with the transition by providing you with a list of other daycares in the vicinity”. It is the anxiety and trauma of settling down to a new place for such a young kid that the parents are concerned about than the research done to build a list of other daycare centers. Also, now that my mother is not here, I’ll have to personally take a leave of at least a week’s time to settle my baby at a new place. I am not sure how they will run the school but surely Vivero has already become a fully commercialized institution whose proprietors can just see the opportunity to mint some more money without looking at the softer issues (even while the school is for kids of such young age). I am frustrated enough to may be file a consumer court complaint for such an experience. But, I really urge all the readers to please boycott this institution so that the proprietors can understand that they cannot be so insensitive and take care of only their greed and nobody else’s concerns.



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