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both my daughters are studying in SSRVM and we are really happy with the school and no complains at all.


My daughter is studying in this school for 3rd year running and I haven't had a reason to complain! We just had the annual day celebration for the bal mandir and the snaps can be found at


I Agree with the reviews of other two members. My ward also studies in SSRVM, Mulund. The school seems to be founded only for two things - to spread the Sri Sri Ravishankar sect / philosophy (God knows what it is) and to loot money from parents for every small things. The students are let in at 8.00 am sharp (not even 1 minute late is allowed - only for walk in students) and after that they indulge in some "kriya" for 45 minutes every day. The time table which says that first lecture starts at 8.00 is completely a lie. This is a forced conversion of the generation next to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar sect as the school is more of a Sri Sri Ravi Shankar AShram. PHotos of Ravishankar are displayed in the watches, teahers pendants, pens, rings, etc. One gets nautiated with the photos of this man. At Diwali party also the students were asked to bring various food items & other things from home which were then sold at price of around Rs.20/- per plate and all the booty was kept by the school. They even hit / thrash the students, not to mention yelling & screaming which is a common practice at SSRVM, Mulund. I don't understand what this so called guru preaches - peace & religion or being autocrat to get things done your way. Talking to the incharge / member of the trust Mrs. Nina Nayyar is useless as it is as good as talking to a dictator. Teaching or motivating students comes last on the agenda ( God knows whether it is even there on the agenda)


A very bad choice. *Lot of promises are done at the time of admission but none are followed. *The administration is hopeless, they do not actually know how to run a school. *The children are expected to write in cursive and that also in single line format in standard 1 itself. Poor kids have not been taught to write in cursive and the teachers harasses them to write in cursive. *Hindi is not taught from the basics and the children are expected to write full sentences. *Lots of grammatical and conceptual errors in the worksheets of all the subjects. *Extra-curricular activities are only charged but nothing is being taught, the child doesn't know a single song or a dance step. *The PTA is of no use.As the PTA members turn a deaf ear to the problems discussed with them. *No proper planning of syllabus is done for teaching English and Grammar and the teacher gives 4-5 lines of answers to class 1 children without explaining the concepts of grammar. *Lots of favouritism is done. I wonder how long they will continue like this.................


Lots of negatives 1) Text books selected are not upto mark 2) Hindi was taught from letter recognition to question answer writing in just 1 month.God knows whats the hurry 3)There are tests everyday !!!!! 4) no proper teachers for GK , Computer , Art and craft ( imp for primary education) 5)School bus system extremely lousy and contracted. 6) No syllabus planning done by the teacher; reflects easily in the worksheets given. 7) Absolutely no limit of twisted questions that one can ask a primary student.But students cannot answer things out of teachers vocabulary!!!! 8) They need an experienced administrator ...currently runs like family playgroup franchise. 9) And like every other school suggestions are absolutely unwelcome. Lets see who gives them a ISO certification.



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