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Agree with Mullb... I too have some reviews from parents whose kids are in higher stds and are quite positive about the school... but pre primary and primary seems to be in bad shape as of now... also there is uncertainity about ICSE or CBSE broad also at SSRVM... we were being told it would be ICSE..


My experience about this school is good. 1. The books selected has adequate coverage of the syllabus. 2. Tests are taken frequently. They are checked too. Checking had less flaws. This helped my daughter to remain with the syllabus. It is a very good idea. 3. Teachers have always listened to us as parents. I haven't found them arrogant or indifferent. Every school will have a set of teachers who are excellent and some who are not upto the mark. So the quality averages out and till now its been fairly good. 4. Both private transport and the school transport has been good, without much fuss. Points to ponder on: 1. Teaching for standards upwards of 8th. 2. Needs a protocol for disciplining errant students. I feel the school is yet to develop it. There should be a discussion with the parents on the same. But overall I have liked the school and my daughter is happy about it.


Lots of negatives 1) Text books selected are not upto mark 2) Hindi was taught from letter recognition to question answer writing in just 1 month.God knows whats the hurry 3)There are tests everyday !!!!! 4) no proper teachers for GK , Computer , Art and craft ( imp for primary education) 5)School bus system extremely lousy and contracted. 6) No syllabus planning done by the teacher; reflects easily in the worksheets given. 7) Absolutely no limit of twisted questions that one can ask a primary student.But students cannot answer things out of teachers vocabulary!!!! 8) They need an experienced administrator ...currently runs like family playgroup franchise. 9) And like every other school suggestions are absolutely unwelcome.




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