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Dr Pillai is a great school to send your child. They have great teachers and sports coaches, However their fees is exorbitant and they are asking for 50,000 deposit while taking admission and will refund it back when your child leaves the school. 
In other words they have opened a bank more than a school. 
I think the management should focus on Quality of education and not just monetary gains. 


Very good school with excellent teachers and facilities. I like school with large play grounds and Pillai Academy has one of the best sports grounds in the area. They also have a lot of professional football coaching as well as some good coaches in other sports.


Excellent school.very well trained staff and very good method of teaching.


Dr. Pillai Global Academy is only there to make money. The head of the centre at Borivali is only interested in making more money for the school so that they can maintain their infrastructure. They are not interested in providing education to children. For them maintaining their status is more important then imparting education and grooming kids to become tomorrows leaders. PLEASE AVOID THIS SCHOOL


Dr.Pillai Has started commercialization of education in our region,they r charging rs.1 Lacs for mere nursery/jr.kg/sr.kg.What Education will be provided thats question for me.I think parents has to take the decision not to entertain such misuse of education system.I don't think goverment is going to intervene in this matter.Just ask your self a question that a parent whose not got capability to pay such huge amt would not feel sagrigated from such education system.I thinkk money does not matter if a child wants to learn he/she will learn even in govermnet school also but then whole point is of discrimination why child going in such schools will be identified as a talented one.This is a Shame.



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