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My children moved to NESISM this academic year and I am very happy with the school. The importance given to discipline and academics is what I was looking for. In addition to academics, extra curricular activities like sports and music is a part of routine school here. The school conducts weekly reviews every Friday for grades 6 (MYP and CIE) upwards. The content is  prepared by the students based on what was done during the week, and is presented by them to their class. This is followed by a test of the same. This has helped my child stay attentive and also improved his confidence levels. Teachers ensure that every child gets an opportunity to present to the class, which, as a parent, I think is very important. Another feature is remedial sessions for students who need a little extra help from the teachers. For the IBDP level students the CAS activities are taken care of by the school.The school takes particular care to make sure that SAT preparation for students of IBDP is also done, not many IB schools do it. 


We wanted to give our child every opportunity in life to succeed and reach her full potential and seeking admission in this school is the first step towards it. NES has a good reputation in the city and educating my daughter in such a school would lead her to a bright future. We believe "The right schooling can nurture, transform and empower the next generation to take on the world". And NES International is doing a great job! 


I have had a very positive experience with the school. The schools focus on academic as well as extra-curricular activities. Each child gets personalized attention due to a small class strength. Teachers are very dedicated, they provide good support and extra classes for students who need more support in a particular subject.

They have a big library with a wide range of books. Primary section students have a special section in the library. There is also a class library that keeps books related to the topics being taught currently.

There are good computer labs that let students work on a wide range of software tools.

There are spacious science labs- one each for Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

There are two play areas- one huge ground that is quite rare in Mumbai. and one other play area that houses a Jungle Gym for smaller students.

There is a space exploration centre.

There are various events like MUN, NASA event, Science day, many cultural festivals that are celebrated through the academic year in the school auditorium.

There are separate rooms for dance, Music and Art.

There is also a medical room that has basic medical amenities.

The school also has a cafeteria that serves breakfast and lunch for students everyday.



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