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good school


I have also heard what u say. The school is becoming popular


HI To All parents My sons studies at the Seth Juggilal Podar Academy High School, it is fairly as good school. Although it a new ICSE School that has come up six year back in Malad (E) is being managed and I as a parent is fairly satisfied with the syllabus as of now. The Principal there Ms Sita Kumar is a dignified lady with a lot of knowledge. She is running the school very well. However, there are certain things that need to be taken care of, like the school timing is from 8am to 2.30pm by the time the child comes home more than half of the day has gone by and the child cannot be asked to sit immediately to study, which is the problem with almost all ICSE school the syllabus is very very vast and the parents have to work more hard than the children to score marks which unfortunately in our country is the bench mark the decide the intelligence of the child. Hence, this school has a lot fo extra activities periods like Aerobics, yoga, PT, music where in the school should replace this with a period once a week for revision of what has been done in each subject during the week thus covering all subjects by the month end. I hope I have conveyed what I wish to say and there will be atleast some parents who will agree to me. And I hope the principal is reading this Thanks a lot Ameeta



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