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Prime Academy's standards are truly falling and here below I have put in a deep analysis of what I observed. 1. Teaching Staff - 6/10 Some teachers are fantastic while the rest aren't, also the school sees a mass exodus of teachers every year due to unknown reasons, this has lead to the removal of several great teachers 2. Sports Facilities - 1/10 Terrible Sports Facilities. The school has a 50m X 10m *concrete patch* which is used for sports activities. Sports like Cricket are not played at all, and other sports like basketball and football can barely be played without injuries or damage to property. 3. Co-Curricular Activities - 5/10 The school has a decent number of Co curricular activities and has some competitions but they are cut down as a student goes to a higher grade, and are absolutely absent after a point. Inter School level participation is witnessed but barely anything is won due to improper facilities 4. School Discipline and Restrictions - 3/10 The restrictions on a student are too much here. You can barely do anything without being judged or taken to task by the authorities. Social Interaction between boys and girls is slightly demoted which isn't good. 5. Fees and Services - 2/10 The fees is way too high compared to other schools when compared to the services provided. As mentioned earlier about the extra curricular and Co curricular activities, the fees is too high for the services provided for the same. The parents are overly charged for the essentials which aren't even given at a regular basis. The meals given aren't up to the mark either. Also, the uniform is extremely expensive, and so is the transport. 6. Infrastructure - 8/10 The school building is quite beautiful, the classrooms are spacious and the school has a very good ventilation. The location isn't bad either. The auditoriums are amazing and the conference halls are also really good. Final Analysis - 4/10 So if you are considering Prime as a school for yourself or your child, it is great for the kindergarteners and Primary students. After which the quality degrades severely. Other alternatives I would seriously suggest would be HFS powai, GSIS powai, and Bombay Scottish School, Powai.


Prime Academy, one of the Best school in the country, they are fairly disciplined and education focused school.  From the rest of the schools it is bit expensive, but at the same time they provide highest quality of Studies and extra curricular activities and also provide nutritious food to students.  They have good Teachers, good care-taker


We all know in India that Education is the best business and if you need to witness that please have your kid enrolled in this school..... The charges are so high that it sometimes even a well do to family think twice :) A Pair of sock is sold @Rs.100/- - you can get a better quality from our reliable BATA outlet @ Rs.60/- which will last at least a year..... School essentials (books & stationery) costs a whopping 20K plus....I wonder are these golden plated books ? Apart from this they claim to conduct Lawn Tennis classes..what a joke there is no lawn, no tennis ball but children are thought racket movements. As far as Karate is concerned god knows how far children are sure that they are learning karate....seldom they want kids to be aptly dressed in karate uniform which should be spic and span. Though one can ignore all this the worst factor is teachers changing every year..It looks like these teachers are hired as casual laborers (as we do in factories) where we give them a rest after 60 days and again take them on job after a gap of 15 days so that they do not become permanent employees and company need to take care of their PF, Gratuity etc., How pathetic can education be handled? Just feel that here in this school I wonder what the hell that PTA does, may be hand in glove ?


Prime academy's standards are falling very rapidly. There is a mass exodus of teachers every alternate year over payment issues/salary hikes and the management fills vacancies in a hurry with teachers who are not upto the mark. The school charges a bomb under tution, activity fee, bus fee, meals fee and then fails to even deliver 'average expectations'. Food is insufficient, bus service pathetic(the contractor is extremely arrogant and management doesnt ask him to mend his ways, infact supports him) not all teachers are good. Some teachers take your feedback with an open mind and try to help/rectify. Some others are so arrogant that they throw it back on your face - and this latter attitude seems to be on the rise. The school tries to introduce various activities and charges a steep fee and fails pretty hard on all the parameters. There is a non-refundable deposit that is forfieted and a refundable deposit that is returned 3 years after leaving the school. Once you confirm admission for the year and try to withdraw your child, you still have to pay for the whole year (inc meals and travel - and this is a hefty amount as compared to other schools) Infrastructure is excellent, management is pretty pathetic, which inturn is affecting the quality of education. Pre-primary is still okay, primary levels are not great and secondary is even more pretty bad.



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