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My both kids enjoy coming to school learning new topics and going on exciting trips. They have been with this school for the last 5 years and love attending school.My experience with this school is pretty good. As a parent, I have found the staff, particularly teachers very friendly and approachable. By and large, it is pleasant to send my child every day. 


This is a worst school & day-by-day is getting horrible.

1. Most of the Teachers leave within few months - hence children are confused & unable to cope with the studies.

2. In-experience Teachers.

3. Many kid are from very rich family & don't care about studies. They bully other kids & get away with it. Management does not take action against them because to keep them happy. These kids even dare the teacher against giving even minor punishments.

4. About 2 months studies is wasted for Annual, Sports & VIVA celebration. Teachers just rush with the topics, dump the studies on the kids to do it at home & not interested to explain. kid unable to catch-up with the studies.

5. All the Teachers Kids don't allow other to study & are worst in the class.

Ask yourself to as many parent as you can. WORST SCHOOL.


Vibgyor High in any city is best avoidable unless you are an affluent parent . 1. Every alternate year fees increases by about Rs 10000 to 25000 & intermittently also. Parents sign a form right at the onset that they agree to fee hikes & will not participate in protests else the child faces the repercussions (worded very subtly & you need to read each word carefully to get the gist of the message.) Not sure if these is legal.... . ...Fee hikes for secondary are declared at the time of start of the session due to which parents are unable to take admission anywhere else. In 2012 the primary fees went up by another apprx 20 k making the fees in the range of 85000 – 90000 pa.. . 2. No open Space for kids to play & ACs do notr work most of the time. 3. Uniforms & Bus Service too are at least 15-20% more expensive than other schools . Plus Point – 1. It’s the only school , probably in all India, which has a Unisex uniform – No Gender Discrimination (very global approach). 3/4th & trousers for Boys & girls 2.Teachers are provide individual attention to students unlike most other schools. Emphasis is on classwork & not home work



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