Your frank reviews about : Bombay Scottish (Mahim/ Powai) & St.Gregorious School (Chembur)

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SunshineMom 2011-04-20 14:35:25


Dear friends:

I would greatly indebted for any parent's experience with both Bombay Scottish (Mahim /Powai) and St. Gregarious (Chembur). My kid would go to grade 2 and I wish to change schools this year. Your inputs / experiences with Pros and Cons would be highly appreciated. In case you do not wish to share on this public forum, please also mail me / send me an inmail directly to my ID from this forum.

Many thanks

Sunshine Mom :)

Karyn 2013-06-21 15:37:23



I am also interested in putting my child in St. Gregorious. I would like to know if you did get any replies on it and if your child is curently there would you be able to let me know about their admission procedures. I am currently out of India and this is for possibly next year. So i have to work out things in advance. 


Thanks in advance.




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