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guriyanu 2011-03-29 18:44:23


 Hi friends!!!!

    I am coming back after a long time on this page.I got busy with daughter's exams.I just want to discuss  that how can I help my child to over come her shy nature.

aanchal 2011-03-29 21:44:35


is it really so important to change her nature? just curious..i mean, different kids have different personalities..some are shy, some are not..as long as her shyness is not affecting her social skills, academic skills very negatively, dont worry about it..she might be an introvert person..i know we all want our kids to be social butterflies..but unfortunately, not all kids are like that..even my kid is on the shy side..we have accepted it :)


somdeepa 2011-03-30 14:32:17


my daughter is also very shy and introvert in nature,,,she is 2 yrs old,,,she is quite comfortable with unknown adults but scared when kids of her age group are arround,,isnt that strenge??,,,what do u say guys??


NVK 2011-03-30 15:36:50


2 years is actually too soon to confirm that her behaviour is strange because children change their behaviour patterns even from one month to another.

possibly she is insecure when kids of her age group are around! i guess you should take her to gardens and other places where kids are around, communicate with her and her age group kids trying to make them friends with each other, does she already go to play group, if not, then sending her would be a good idea, where she relieves herelf of the fear that her peer group is as harmless as herself.

my kid was initially a little shy types, but after sending him to playgroup, he has actually opened up quite a bit!


Fleeshia 2011-03-31 08:18:52


I agree with NVK... this is quite a very young stage to label kids introvert or shy as they are still observing and understanding the world they are in ....


guriyanu 2011-03-31 16:56:04


 I know i can't change her nature but because of it she is loosing so much.I always see that she would like to do many things but don't dare to do that and when i push her for that and she do it.Then she feels happy.Actually  it was my nature when i was young so i can purely understand  her  feelings.Only because of my shy nature which i could n't overcome for a long period of my life i feel i am on looser side which i definitely do like like for my daughter to face.So i am trying to help her to come out of shell and show her qualities to world.   


sachpreet 2011-03-31 20:10:06


Two years back my kid was also of shy nature.I took her to Gardens,Malls.Still he is not extrovert.But also not that much shy.It's your misunderstanding that Shy kids will be on loser side.They shine in their own way.A few days back i saw a sports awards show.I don't remember channel name.In that show you know what sania mirza said about her husband.Shoaib  is very shy by nature.I liked this quality of him.I remained so much worried about shy nature of my son.I never expected that he will speak so well  in school interviews.He was so confident in school interviews.You should encourge her but don't try to change her real nature.It can create complex in her.Don't label her "shy".Work towards improving her personality.


aanchal 2011-04-01 12:57:56


very good example, sachpreet..and this should comfort all those mothers who are worried about their kids' shyness.

sachin tendulkar, the cricket legend, is a very shy and introvert person too..his success speaks for itself.



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