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aasmi01 2011-03-21 01:03:00


 Dear all,


Lets start a thread with every member mentioning the school names that they can provide a review on (eg. if they have kids in that school or someone that they know). this will enable any member who needs review of a particular school to directly contact that member in the list.

Aasmi :

Ryan international school (goregaon east)

Thakur public School (Kandivali East)

Rustomjee International (Borivali West)


swatix 2013-07-20 18:52:24


 Hi Aasmi, 

This is a nice thread you have started. I have a 1.8 year old daughter who will go to nursery in 2013. Currently reasearching a lot on schools, hence can share feedbacks on below schools

Can you help me with feedback on Rustomjee international. Its an ssc board right, how is the crowd there. I have heard nowadys peopke are more keen on putting their kids for icse/igcse/ib , hence ssc schools are loosing on good crowd, is this true ?

I can share feedback on below -

Thakur Public (kandivali east)

JBCN (borivali west)

SSRVM (borivali east)


Yogesh21 2014-09-25 22:11:15


Plz share feedback on jbcn school borivali for icse


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