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Ton 2011-02-21 09:25:42


Hi Jairaj, ara, Roopali, Meena, Sohela, Ajay

Welcome to this group!!! .....

Jairaj:  Not much heard about Trimurti school, but yes Saraswati vidyalaya is a very old school in thane and good school with state board syllabus.

Ara: Cant much talk abt euroschool in airoli....

Roopali: Good to see u here...u will good suggestions from the people belonging to same city ....keep in touch with this group...

Sohela: Nothing is restricted here....go ahead....

Meena: So nice to see u here...welcome...and keep in touch with ur friends...

Ajay:  Most of the parents here are shifting from some other place to thane and trying to seek admissions for post primary in touch with solve ur queries...





kdkc11 2011-02-21 11:24:28


Hello ,

After joining the group 2 wks back, i disappeared as i got busy with my 1 yr old daughter's playshool admission.

When i had started the thought for her to go to play school from coming Jun, i never felt,it will be so difficult.

From In Law's defence that children do not need play school to finding a good playschool all was like a battle field.

Finally after visiting atleast 15 play schools in Thane, i got my daughter admitted to Tree House play school - centre which is above Royal Challenge Hotel, near Korum.

This centre looks very promising and i hope i dont regret my decision.


kdkc11 2011-02-21 11:28:01


Hi Roopali,

I can understand ur situation as a first time mother. I had gone through same and that also with no support. My situation was little critical as well as my baby was premature. I have done a lot of research before using anything for my baby. Do let me know if anytime u have any specific query. My baby is now 1.3 yr old.




Ton 2011-02-21 17:57:26


Hi Diksha,

What happnd to the site that you were developing for the thane group!!!





sanshine 2011-02-22 06:29:19


Hi everbody,

I,m Harshala,

I'll be shifting thane in june. I've 2 kids. Older one is in 3rd std & in younger one is in

pre -k.


Ton 2011-02-22 09:20:37


Hi Harshala,

Welcome to the group!!!....where u will be shifting in thane...?





vicky1050 2011-02-22 12:28:40


Warm Welcome..........


Sohela 2011-02-22 13:24:25


hi  friends...

So most of you are from thane or will be shifting to thane...

i m sohela.. from mumbai bandra...

tnx ton for warm welcom


sanshine 2011-02-23 00:24:04


 Hi Tony,

I'll be shifting to LNR.





sanshine 2011-02-23 01:14:16


 hi frndz,

could anybody help me out with Billabong fee structure for sr. kg n 4th std.



Roopaali 2011-02-23 11:47:33


 Hi all,

I have gone through all the discussions above and I am worried about the school selection & admission for my daughter after 1-2 years and as of now she is just 4 months old..... hahahahha.

I have to start looking for a playschool now so that i can admit her there after 8-9 months. 

But don't you think that 1 year old baby is still too small to go to playschool... I am not sure.

I have taken a break from my job after i delivered the baby and i am thinking it to strech it till she is 2 years old or more than his if required.

But if a 1 year old baby is ready to go to play school or baby sittings then i can think of doing some further part time studies......Plz suggest.

Also tell me if there is any place to shop for baby's accessories where all the brands are av alable apart from Mom & Me store in Koram Mall & Monica at Ram  Maruti road. I have recently shifted in thane. Plz suggest. 




saritha25 2011-02-23 14:26:04


hello everyone,

its nice to see this group

We are shifting to thane in the month of april2011,we have 2 kids one in LKG  and other in 5 th class both in CBSE here in gurgaon and i am flexible to ICSE board also i was seeking for a good and reasonable school in thane area thinking of shifting to brahmand ,please help me how is Universal high school.



Roopaali 2011-02-23 23:25:50


Hi Diksha,

It has been 20-25 days, my 4 months old baby has refused to take milk when she is awake. She is completely on BottleFeed after 1 month of her delivery. I tried all possible things to make her like the milk for example - changing the brand of the formula milk, changing bottles & nipples, also tried by spoon and bowl but no help.

I have already started semi solid food suggested by the doc but she is still not happy with carelac, soup, or juices. She takes these things neither with bottle nor with the help of spoon and bowl. I have to stuggle a lot while feeding her.

the only option i have is to wait for her to sleep so that i give her the bottle in her mouth and add to it she takes the milk only at night while sleeping and when i try to give her the bottle in her mouth in the day time she immediately gets up and refuse to take the milk.

It seems that i am under depression because of it. All the day and night i try to keep her hyderated. but at the end of the day she is hardly taking 350-400 ml liquid which is very less for a 4 month old baby. Otherwise she is happy and playful baby and also gaining adequate weight. But it seems that it will not remain for a long time considering her present situation.

Guys i really need your help. Plz suggest or tell me a good pediatricianin thane.


Roopal (Roopali)



saritha25 2011-02-24 09:13:42


hi tony,

i am saritha and want to join ur group recently i have posted a query please help me in this



Ton 2011-02-24 11:19:29


Dear Saritha,

Welcome to the group!!!.....and nice to hear that  you are shifting to Brahmand...there are many schools in thane....which school ur childrens are studying now. Since, they are already seeking CBSE syllabus...u can think of admitting them in DAV....Universal school....i have a fairly less idea...u can also think abt euro school...since it is a state transfer...preferably u will get admission.

Will keep u posted...

bye...take care



archissance 2011-02-24 22:23:35


Hi Guys............. Hi Tony.....   :)

Firstly to d query abt d fees structure of Billabong Hi.....

I dnt hve an idea abt grade4- but for grade 2 d fees is lyk........   20K for admission,+55,250(academics)pls add to it 8.5% hike for dis year
+9K= pls calculate uniform + bus fees extra.............senior section add few more thousands.... oder dan dat dey dnt charge nything extra d whole year...........

but remember , incase u plan to take admission sumwhr else after securing admission in billabong...................u'll hv to forego a huge sum to d school.

@ SARITA-  If u r looking for a CBSE school, DAV is der, admissions strictly on basis of availability of seats.similarly wid ICSE- Billabong,Euro,JK .SSC - lots to choose from........




Ton 2011-02-25 09:51:59


Hi Juhi....!!!

Good Morning!!!! and nice to see u here back after few days....!!!




saritha25 2011-02-25 15:46:42


Hi tony and juhi.......

thanks a lot for ur feed back and accepting me as ur friend.My kids are right now in Cbse KR Mangalam world school in gurgaon ,i have enquired abt DAV  and JK seats are not vacant now and i have no idea about  other schools as i saw websites of universal and billabong i have enqired about them.

anyway juhi u helped me in having an idea abt fee structure in billabong thanks



simi13 2011-02-28 15:04:27


hi tony...

i have gone through all the posts on this thane friends group.... i liked it..and i want to join this group.. i am a mom to 2 yr old boy and i stay in thane ghodbunder ...i am planning to put my baby to playgroup this june

will u plz suggest me that which one among euro kid and rainbow would be actually good for my son

pls do rep...

as i am really confused


 Former member 2011-03-02 16:06:38


Hiii everyone...iam staying at GB road thane,i would like to join this group.


jaisnair 2011-03-05 15:56:04


Hello Saritha,

This is Jairaj here, if u have got info on Universal , pls do share since personally i did not like the look and feel as it is still under construction. Moreover next academic year wud be its 4 th year so no much reputation as well. Not a single X standard batch has passed out of it yet.






Ton 2011-03-07 13:11:11


Dear all,

GOOD Afternoon to you all!!!!  I was not here for last week!!!!

Hello REGALIA.... welcome to the group..

SIMI.....Welcome to the group!!!..... I think both the schools are better play schools as far as teaching is concerned. Most of my friends childrens are there in rainbow. Dont get confused as far as playschool is concerned.

keep in touch!!!

bye tony




Sean 2011-03-08 11:36:09


Hi All,

I have just joined this group and it really nice to see mothers from the same locality coming together and sharing their ideas and views. I am a working mother having two kids -  a 7 year daughter and 4 year son. They go to Lok Puram Public School, teaching is nice and teachers seem to be good. I am looking out of a home tutor if anyone is aware of someone who is good and willing teach.



 Former member 2011-03-08 12:59:39


Hello Ton and all.......HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY TO ALL OF YOU.My son is in Universal high brahmand.Though iam not much happy with the school but iam continuing with the same school past two years.this year we got a notice from hte school regarding a hike of 6000 rupees in the fees.i have no much choice as i prefer ICSE board.when it comes to the management and the principal they are very very rude with parents.inspite of spending nearly 50,000 per annum we are ending up with disappointment only.i have two kids one is 7 yrs old and the younger is 2 1/2 yrs old.iam looking for a nursery for the lil one but it is too confusing.i foung reading tree and daffodils are good nuseries ,any one got any idea abt Tree house @ GB road??


simi13 2011-03-08 13:05:19


hi regalia

even i am puting my son in playgroup

i had been to tree house. i felt it not so good

as it has very less space

and childrens rooms are very small

no playing area

i felt rainbow more nice

ii would be putting my son in rainbow for play and nursery



 Former member 2011-03-08 13:15:28


Heyy Simii Rainbow is a good school.My elder son was in Rainbow in kg2.i really liked the staff,management,classrooms,teaching methods of Rainbow.The best part of Rainbow wa sthe care provided there to the have taken the right decision by choosing Rainbow.iam living at GB road waghbil so for me Rainbow will be too far.I need to decide it very soon as the admissions are getting over in most of the nurseries.


Ton 2011-03-21 15:48:32


Hi friends...

Hope everything going well with you all...long time...haven't heard anything..from u'

can we keep interacting,..






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