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karri 2011-01-21 18:13:30



any review  on RYAN international school at goregaon east  in mumbai ?

shanoo 2011-01-22 08:52:13


hi this is sonali here ,i stay in goregaon east also. I would say pls consider lakshadham school than the ryan school.

pls send me yr emaild if its ok with you so that i can elaborate on the issues.


karri 2011-01-24 16:16:35


Thankyou for your response .I am told that  lashadham doesnot  have 9th std .

Further  I am advised not to admitt my daughter  in Ryan due to lack of teachers and quality of exisiting teachers .The position  i was  told is very depressing


karri 2011-01-29 22:00:46


 i have done some work on this . My  feed is terrifying about  the sischool .I suggest parent s not to  venture and repent .

First of all the managment  is useless. when  i checked personally few parent  ,their experince about the teaching staff is very bad as for some they are no teacher for the past few months  and  most of the  teachers who attend are not even fit to teach lower classes but  attend higher classes. 

Mangement is not concerned about  what happens ,but seems to be more interested in the publicity  

If any body has any feed back pl do share as ryan in other cities are not like this


vimmnys 2011-02-14 09:12:55


hi lakshadham and gokuldham are excellent schools,bcoz lakshadham has just strtd its till 9th but need not worry,if u get admision in gokuldham school just dont think twice its an excellent school


 Former member 2011-02-14 10:13:35


 hi vimmnys,


hi i am from malald east iam loooking for the best school in mallad east i have three options as i don't want to send my child far away.

1.childrensacademy- i have heard negative reviews for this school.

2.universal high - ihave heard that they are very slow learners and the timing r 9.00 to 5.00 from 1st std... so little bit confused.

3. sharada gyanpeeth international school.- i have positive response for this school but then to confused please. help me to select the right school for my child..


i am very keen for universal high as they are very techno savvy and in near future i think computers will be the direct medium for any students so universal will be very helpful for my child i pleae request u to pleae help me out...


 Former member 2011-02-14 15:28:49


Hi Jignashah.....my son is in Universal high Thane.To lessen your confusion i will share my experience with you.first drawback is the school timings as it is 9-4:30,the child leaves from home by 8:00 and comes back by 5:20.by the time he comes back he is completely exhausted and tired.we dont even have time to teach the kid at home.We never came across the CEO of the school though we have lot to tell about the school to him.They say it is day boarding system so we no need to teach at home.....but we really disagree with this concept as what if the teacher is not goood???My child is having the third teacher in the same standard.how will they get hold of quality of education if the teachers keep running leaving the school and the school ppl keep appointing new teachers again and again.Actually thrre is a lot to say but......


 Former member 2011-02-15 09:23:52


 hi regalia,

canu just brief me regarding the school(universal high) education system is it worth keeping child in day boarding bcaz the timing are such that the child will not get proper lunch if the child does not eat on there own..  please reply me soon ... 

do u have any idea regarding universal high at malad east branch.. please reply soonn..



 Former member 2011-02-15 13:35:04


hi jignashah...the universal schools have got different ways of teaching like they use big LCD's in each class rooms,the kids have educomp class,the kids are been given small laptops each in computer period... all this is enough to temp a parent but they are unable to retain the quality of schooling.there should be a balance in everything but if the child is in the school only for more than seven hours....just imagine IS THE CHILD GOING ON A FULL TIME JOB?plus the kids most of the time do not like the snacks provided by the school(if the child is a fussy eater) ,though the school is providing two times snacks my child doesnt like to have those.they say they will have only 25-30 kids in each class room but really disheartened to see more than 38 kids in a class.i heard most of the parents are annoyed with the management behaviour of all universal group schools all over Mumbai.The classs teacher of my  child is very rude and always gives a cold shoulder to us when ever we go to the PTM.one more thing i will bring to your notice is they will stuff the school bus with kids more than its capacity and the bus conducter will not take proper care of the kids and says he is not responsible if the child is been beaten up by other kids.

you can get your child admitted to this school only in one case "IF YOU ARE WORKING".what is the fee structure they gave you for this year??


meeee 2011-02-15 15:53:57


 hi even i am not satisfied with universal school teaching....& management behaviour is totally rough.....can any body tell me about Loreal public school of thane...it's a part of rainbow school.


meeee 2011-02-15 15:57:32


 i am looking for school with CBSE or ICSE...school in thane...i want to put my child in STD 1st .....sujjest me about loreal public school.....or any other school


 Former member 2011-02-15 17:36:59


Hi Meeee  earlier my son was in Rainbow.i found it to be a very good school.staff,management,care the kids are been giveen overall it is a good school.but they have  only till kg2 so i shifted my child to universal.coming to Laurel school it may be a good school coz it is been run by the same ppl as of Rainbow.just check the strength of the laurel school kids.Lokpuram is a gud school even. 


 Former member 2011-02-16 11:01:35


 hi regalia,

thanks for ur details i am not a working women my child is very active and very smart .i want best education for my child...

going through your discussion i have drop the plan to keep my child in universal high. i have spent 300 rupees for form i think i have wasted that.. the fees for next year is around 44000 early approx....

thanks once again i seriously i wanted somebody to guide me ..

i think education is must then activities thks once again u have open my eyes regaring universal high ...

going through ur discussion i think there is no education system as such in universal ....

the child will go dumb if he or she continously be with electronic gadgets...

i think education is must not ac tivities ...

activities can be done outside also. but the basic education is must for the child..

thanks once again....


 Former member 2011-02-18 13:05:12


Hey Jigna it is ok dear no need to say thanx...have you decided with any school for the kiddo??After shifting to this place i mean Thane Mumbai i learnt that all most all schools have some drawbacks.but very few schools are bothered to correct the drawbacks and few schools like Universal are like ""i dont care"" but still if you are unable to find a good ICSE school in your area u can have a second thaught of Universal.what other schools are there near your place?have u checked billabong high??.keep posting dear ,it will be better to disvcuss and then decide.


Dineshd 2011-02-21 12:03:40


Hi Sonali,

This is Dinesh here - I stay in Goregaon East and in the process of sekking admission for daughter in Nursery. I am getting feedback from Playmate (Gokuldham / Yashodam) as well as Lakshdham that their admission quota is almost full - and not even considering wait list. Only left with Ryan in that case - so will be keen to know your views on the same. Is Vibgyor better option in that case?

Thanks and regards,



Shibin 2011-02-22 13:33:29


 Hi Shanoo,

                I came across u'r post and would like to know more regrading Ryan International and why you feel Lakshadham is better. I am located at Chennai currently and will be moving to Mumbai next month. I'm currently looking out for some good ICSE/CBSe schools at Andheri east and u'r suggestions would really help me out . Thanks ,




Dineshd 2011-02-22 14:51:32


Hi Shanoo / Sonali,

As per my earlier post, will appreciate your elaborate views on Ryan Goregaon. You may drop me a mail at dinesh.dusane@sasol.com...




karri 2011-02-23 18:06:36


Dear Dinesh

I have gone through your  mail . I have done complete study  about Ryan international school Goregaon east  . For nursery ,you can take chance as ryan will accomodate  even after  6 months . you manage for one year and then shift you child to lakshadam ,whcih i am told is very good for primary classes

Pl don't venture in continuing with ryan as most of the  teaching staff is underqualified and  language children use . I spoke to some parents and they all are shifting  their  wards next year  due  to  lack of teaching staff  and ineffciency of management



shanoo 2011-02-23 22:25:10


Hi Dinesh/Shibin,

Sorry for the late reply , actually i have visited parentree after a long break. well on yr queries let me tell you all my side of story for selecting a school.

All of us as parents want to give the best education to our child , but all of us hv diff priorities in the selection. I was staying in andheri west where i had send my child to a playgroup which is called Greenfields which is running for alst 30 yrs. I am not a very brand conscious in selecting the school. For me quality & experience of the teaching staff holds lot of importance.

Frankly for the child upto atleast 3 to 3 yrs ideal learning is where the home is but yes the social development takes place drasticvally in school.

When i shifted from andheri i had a tough time in selecting since in my complex most of the kids were going to either vibgyor or podar. But for travelling was a complete no.

In selection Ryan was a complete no since the teaching staff is a big problem out there, management is pretty laidback. Personally liked Lakshadham school because the Principal of the school is a very hands on lady , a meeting with her before the admission of the child gave me a lot of confidence in the school.

I strongly recommend Yashodham or Lakshdham only if you are keen for Goregaon east only.

Also i think you would be able to get thru in Lakshadham since a large crowd has shifted thier kids to Vibgyor school whcih is coming in front of Oberoi school.

I would not recommend Vibgyor school again.

But i am shifting my child next year for Jr.Kg to Bombay Scottish (Mahim).

Do send me mail on sonalisinhal@yahoo.com for further help or assistance on school.





Dineshd 2011-02-24 11:45:44


Thanks Shanoo & Karri for your elaborate responses. These sort of insights really help in taking more informed decisions.

Is it practically easy to get transferred from one school to another from M1 to Jr. KG without big hassle.. especially, if the schools are in close vicinity like Ryan & Lakshdham..




SDD 2011-10-16 23:59:31


Hi Sonali,

I was looking at Vibgyor (Opp Oberoi Mall) for my childs admission to nursery (2012-13), will u be able to share ur views on VIBGYOR as well.

Thanks & Regards,


Shkm 2012-03-13 12:40:05


 me too, any response on Vibgyor??


preetyslim 2012-03-15 09:53:42


 hey parents whose childrens r at vibgyor intternational pls reply we r seriously looking for the feedback.. has anybody visited the school yet?


Jyomani 2012-03-16 15:57:47


my son is in ursery at vigyor. we are pretty happy with the school, teachers and teaching methodology.


preetyslim 2012-03-19 09:49:31


 thanks jyomani can u just brief us regarding the school education and also the teachers in higher class if some of ur friends kids r studing at vibgyor in higher class as my kid is 5 i worry regarding the teething problem at new schools please if u can just inquire and let me know...


Raivat 2012-09-13 15:50:09


 hi, can any1 help me with appropriate review as i have got to decide btween these schools:

1. universal high -malad,

2.sharda gyanpeet.


ur opinions will be useful.plz.



urvisha 2012-09-13 23:23:20


Hiii All,

My name is Urvisha Bhalani and my family will shift from Miraroad to Boriwali East... I want to take admission for my child for IGCSC or ICSC board in Boriwali or Kandivali. I have got good riviews for Rustomjee school.But they are very strict with admission dates and do not have any admissions for Juniro KG next year. I am open to repeat Nursery as my child is November 2009 born.Their criteria is 2010 born for Nursery next year. In such a situation, I want to know other good schools in Boriwali or Kandivali for IGCSC or ICSE board.Please help me.


VishDad 2012-09-23 23:55:59


 Dear All, I am Vishal ... I just joined this group..will be moving in to Kandivali shortly and need to take school admissions for my kinds, since you are all pro's in bo-kan-mal-gore area....please let me know which school's the best in kandivali west....i have 2 kids - my son 8 yrs and daughter 5 yrs.... I was thinking about Thankur Intl i Kandivali West but disappointed to see bad reviews on the net ... 

please advise me about Thakur Intl in Kandivali West or any other best International School nearby.

...I know that Ladies talk a lot... so don't spoil the reputation .. keep the spirits up and please advise me... Thanking all in anticipation.


Nivu 2014-01-07 11:10:04


hi dinesh which school did u finally put ur child in? how's it? how are gokuldham and lakshdham?


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