Comparison between New Horizon Scholar School, Airoli and New Horizon, Airoli

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st24 2013-05-13 19:04:08


 hi kalpan... thanks for the update... i just want to know, do they have PTA in nhss now. because as u said about the increase in school fee n bus fee  the same i can expect in  nxt few yrs in thane branch too.

please keep posting..

thanks :)


KALPAN 2013-05-14 10:02:56


PTA formed in Apr-13 (thro elections) after the follow up by parents association. No further developments. Parents not yet paid school and bus fees.  will be paid after discussion of the same in PTA meetings with the management.


Sutapan 2013-06-17 13:42:08


 Dear All,

I came to know that there is a change in NHSS principal and director.

Is it so??? Are you all aware.



wonderdoe 2013-06-17 18:40:56


@ Sutapan,

The previous Principal (Jyoti Nair) is now the Director. There is new lady Principal. Don't know her name tho'


Kadha 2013-06-17 20:45:32


oh.... i didnt know about this change. The school website is not updated then


dhwani0001 2013-07-15 11:47:11


Yes, even i have heard that Dr. Nicholas has resigned.. What is the status of the PTA meeting???



swati2412 2013-08-17 16:08:33


my son is there in new horizon schollar school since nursery and now he is in sr. kg i am quite satisfied with his development only problem is their bus fee is little higher can some one tell me what is school fee of NHPS from kalva


swati2412 2013-08-17 16:16:26


hi all,

i am not aware about resignation of Dr. Nicholas what happened to PTA on fee hike i have heard that they are planning to hike bus fees even more i am worried what will happen as it is too much.....



KALPAN 2013-08-19 10:01:19


Hi swati2412


Pl send a mail to NHSS PA <> giving details like Parents's name, student name, grade, division, your contact no and your email-id to get all the updates. We had a meeting at Airoli on 15-08-2013 and it has been decided to sit for DHARNA on coming PTI day i.e. 24-08-2013 unless the Chairman meets all the parents and explains about fee hike.


swati2412 2013-08-19 16:39:07


ok i will do that


PREMSAG 2013-08-24 16:43:01


Any update on todays morcha,i coundnt attend , as i was out of town.      what abt. paying the fees of 2nd installments. its already 5 days pass.


tan 2013-08-26 08:27:37


 Hi All

Though following regularly, replying for very first time..........anybody knows what happend to parents protest at the time of PTI?  my son is in grade 2.....


PREMSAG 2013-09-13 10:48:49


For all of NHSS parents , who do not got below email.

Subject: Kind Attn: Mr. Subir Banerjee (Chairman), Mr. Anand Katti ( MD) and Mrs Suvra Banerjee (Secretary).
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 09:04:03 +0000

Dear Sir/MadamReference to our several talks and correspondences with the management regarding the steep fee hikes that the parents have been seeing on a year on year basis since 2010, we wish to again urge the management to initiate a meeting at the earliest with the parents of NHSS, Airoli. We the parents have time and again expressed our desire for talks and appreciate the few rounds of talks that have happened so far. In light of the recent meeting held under the aegis of Deputy Commissioner of Education, NMMC, it is important that a meeting between the parents and management be convened at the earliest to resolve the fee issue immediately, without any further delay. The fee hike of 16% in 2013-14 is not one of its kind but a hike which has been happening year on year. The school is only in its fourth year and the fees have risen by 61.5%. While we understand that it is a private unaided school and has right to fix its fees, but at the same time, we have gone through every article enshrined in the constitution and every court order and have found that no school is allowed to be a profit making institution. Smart classes, library, lift etc have all been part of facilities shown by the school from the very beginning. Extra funds to the extent of an average 17.5% on a yearly basis to provide the basic amenities is totally beyond the understanding of any parent. Ms. Jyoti Nair’s, statement in Times of India published on 1st September, wherein she has stated that the extra funds are for library is totally lost on us. How can Library facility be extra expense as no school gets a CBSE affiliation without a library and a playground? How can any of those facilities be extra expense since 2010? Importantly, it must also be noted that, the children have still to see some of these facilities advertised as per school brochure to come their way. For instance even though smart classes were part of the school brochure; all classes still do not have smart class. Similarly, playground is a must for any school, and the children still do not have a proper playground. While private unaided institution do not have government grant, but they are governed by certain laws as enshrined in the constitution of India. In the state of Maharashtra, as per Government Resolution including that of 2010, it is clearly stated that the formation of PTA within the given time is a must and that the consent of PTA in fee Hike is equally necessary. The GR also has certain clearly laid down mandate regarding late fee which cannot be more than Rs 1 per day. In April 2010, Delhi High Court comprising a bench of Justice G S Sistani examined and found that private unaided school were bound by Delhi School Education Rule 166 which does not permit a school to charge late fee deposit fine more than five paisa per day. On April 23, 2010, it discarded the school’s plea of being an unaided school as the law clearly states that all recognized unaided school are under the Department of Education and thus it passed an order clarifying the same to all unaided school and not to charge fine more than five paisa per day.  As per the court orders of the past across several states, as examined by us thread bare, we have found that the Department of Education can step in and interfere, if hike by a particular school is found to be excessive and perceived as “indulging in profiteering”. The Supreme Court has also laid down categorical principles that the schools whether aided or unaided cannot indulge in profiteering and they cannot charge capitation fee higher, therefore, the fees fixation is subject to the aforesaid two restrictions. The Supreme Court states “It is also to be ensured that the fees/funds collected by the Schools from parents/teachers are not to be transferred from the school funds to the society or the trust which runs such schools or any other institutions.” As per Annexure I (i.e. the minutes of the meeting held on July 17th in AV room) we had also pointed out that in the past parents have been making separate cheque in the name of NYSS trust towards the development fee. The bus fees too as charged by NHSS are too steep. Most parents choose to send their children by school buses which are governed by the safety norms laid down by the government. As the rules apply to all schools and we did a survey of bus fees taken by schools that are complying with the government norms. Diesel/ CNG/ LPG prices being same for all, we found that a neighbouring private unaided school bus is charging RS 2780/- for four months within Airoli, as opposed to Rs 3800/- being demanded by NHSS bus. The private vehicles are charging as low as Rs. 500/- per month i.e. Rs. 2000/- for four months within Airoli. The bus fees for Mulund and Thane have become so exorbitantly high that it has almost become out of reach for some parents. The fees for NEO Kids have also witnessed steep hikes on year on year basis. Thus by the time the child is ready for first grade, the fee is already very high and it gets compounded by an addition of another readmission fee. We parents seek complete transparency in Fee structure and Fee cycle for both tuition fee and bus fees. As the School building houses as other institutions and the school bus is used for both Neo Kids and NHSS, it becomes imperative that the audited balance sheet of all these institutions be given to us for our perusal. As directed by the Dy. Municipal Commissioner Education, on the following points, we would like to know, what action the school has initiated in this regard.· Building OC· PTA Formation· Non compliance for the rule of taking PTA’s consent for 2013-14 fee hike· To discuss and take consent from PTA for the fees · Reimbursement of readmission fee and informing parents of the same and posting it in the school’s website.· To allow monthly payment of fee.· Unreasonable late fee not allowed. GR to be referred to.· Issue of stationery· To move NEO Kids and primary Classes of NHSS to lower floors.· All payments to be receipted· Appropriate steps to eliminate unsafe and risky zones for children.  We are herewith, enclosing the minutes of the meeting held on July 17th 2013 ( Annexure I), meeting convened by Police Officer Mr. Bagul on August 24th 2013 (Annexure II) and meeting on August 28th with Mr. Anand Katti, Managing Director, NYSS ( Annexure III) and MOM 31st Aug.2013 from Edu.Dept.  We look forward to an amicable solution through peaceful and healthy resolving of the matter. Regards, NHSS- Parents Association.  

tan 2013-09-13 20:04:38



Thanks for i didnt receive any mail......

what i didnt get from above is what abt fee payment? any idea......

someone verbally told me that we hv to pay the same PTA accepted the fee hike......atleast not feel frm about post

is it true? 



PREMSAG 2013-09-14 14:40:10


NO , last commnucatio. made by PTA to school was on 11 sep 13 and there was no feedback from school. PTA has aggreed to pay on last year structure, but i dont think so school will accept it right now. wait for next week , school might come with some reply next week. lets wait.

have yu paid second installment?, as there are more than 200 parents still not done it, i pesonaly know atlwast 20 parents from them.


HGD 2013-09-15 17:22:52



I'm new to ParentTree. I'm looking to admit my daughter in Nursery for 2014-15.

Can anyone please specify admission fee paid for Nursery in 2013-14? Also what is the approx. estimate of other expenses during a year?

Many thanks,



st24 2013-09-19 19:11:29


 hi all ......any nhss parent whose kids r in  4 grade or above ....i need some information regarding FAs and SAs....pls revert.



pkgdk 2013-12-11 17:43:26


Can anybody share the Reviw of NHSS??? I am getting transffered to Mumbai and looking for admission for my son in 2nd Std?

Priti10 2014-10-16 02:47:42


Hello.. m planning to admit my daughter in nhss .. nursery 2015-16. . Any idea wen the admission forms wil b out.. Requesting all existing parents of Nhss to gv latest reviews of dis school.. Nhss or Nhps whch one is better. . Plsss reply

anu2012 2014-10-16 06:32:48


Hello Priti,

My daughter in studying in NHP and after seeing the many comments here, I have felt that NHP is better than NHS. NHS is more profit oriented and commercial and there are frequent fee hikes. NHS share their campus with an MBA college, which is not preferred by many. Study and training wise, I guess both are almost the same. My kid in at NHP since 2 years and I am 100% satisfied.

Priti10 2014-10-16 10:48:03


Thnx anu2012... Even my husband feels Nhp is better.. any idea abt the admission forms n fee structure. . Bdw i read in previous threads tht lots of staff has been shiftd to Nhss frm Nhp.. so hs it affectd Nhp by any chance..

anu2012 2014-10-16 13:06:37


It happened in 2007 -08, I don't think it has any effect now. Also I heard Mr.Nicholas who is behind the success for NHP and then moved to NHS, is back to NHP now. My daughter is in junior KG and I am very happy with her progress so far. I don't know the opinion of parents from high schools etc, but till then it seems to be fine. I will check and let you know about the application form. Fee will be around 55-60,000 I guess.

anu2012 2014-11-09 10:18:59


Hello All,

Anyone had the feedback on Vibjyor high in airoli

rakesh5882 2014-11-10 15:36:56


hi Anu2012,
@NHP, how many kids per division for nursary ? I am looking for school in Airoli & confused between NHP & NHSS, though i m with NHP as of now.
Other Parents can you share your experiences @ NHP or NHSS 

anu2012 2014-11-10 17:25:47


There are close to 40 students in a class and 2 teachers manage them.

NHP and NHS are almost similar in teaching standards, but NHS has interim fee hikes and related issues.Kids are secure and my daughter likes the school in general.

Academic is OK, but i wouldn't say great. There is a lot of emphasis and pressure on writing from Junior KG and parents have to work hard to train the students so that they can cop up with the speed at which the teacher is finishing the lessons. Infact they keep hinting us to teach children before they do!!!

They hold competitions every month and its mandatory to participate, so we parents have to struggle every month to make sure that they byheart poems, stories etc. But the sad part is that teachers sometimes dont even listen to what they present and even ask them to stop abruptly. Kids as well as parents feel quite bad

I am planning to shift my kid to an international school soon, as I dont want to burden her as well us myself with studies at this age.

I still feel NHP is better when compared to other CBSE schools with similar fee structure.


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