Comparison between New Horizon Scholar School, Airoli and New Horizon, Airoli

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Shastri 2012-10-31 13:51:12


New Horizon Scholars School has started another branch at Ghodbunder Rd, Thane. It has a vast play ground and and huge buiding.


Shastri 2012-10-31 13:53:04


New Horizon Scholars School, Thane has one of the outstanding capuses found in Mumbai area


navind 2012-11-23 11:19:08


Hi All,

@ Prinks25, TejSag, Kalpan, Deepshan...

Seems you all really happy with NHS? Guess then I better try for 1st std primary for my son.

Any suggestion and inputs?



navind 2012-11-23 11:26:27



Addmissn dates for grade 1 is not given on websie... any update on this u guys have?

also can you provide me an approx fees structure of grade1 in NHS? also bus fee till mulund west?

And what are the school timings for Grade 1 ?




remik 2012-11-25 14:51:53



NHSS seems to be good school from this discussion. Are there any latest updates, good or bad?

I am planning to take admission for my kid in 2nd grade.

Please guide me. 

Is there any test?  When the academic year for school starts?




Prinks25 2012-11-26 10:32:03


Hi Navin,

Good to see you. Yes, we are more or less happy with the school. No specific idea regarding std 1 admission, but normal admission for nursery and junior KG started in the month of October, so you may contact the school directly.


Timing is 8.00 to 2.00 pm for the primary and secondary section. Saturday half day.

For bhandup west, we are paying 1475 for the bus fees, so may be it will cost you around 1200 (just a guess!!)


KALPAN 2012-11-26 12:41:35


Hi Navind,

planning to take admission in NHSS- Thane or NHSS-Airoli????

I admitted my daughter this year in Grade 2nd and of course I am happy with her overall progress.  I am finding alarming improvement in her oral conversation and the overall personality.

Presently in which school your kid is going???



KALPAN 2012-11-26 13:05:46


Hi Remik

Saw your post on another discussion also i.e. Euro school, Airoli.

For Euroschool, you can enquire in the school regarding the admission for 2nd grade.  The fee structure is available on school website.

Regarding NHSS, see my reply given to Navind above. For 2nd grade they do take the exam but that's just the basics. They evaluate the child and informs you in which area you have to  concentrate for improving that's all.

I took this year admission for my daughter in NHSS. For this year they started the year in June-12 only for Grade-2. But there is possibility that they may start in April according to the CBSE pattern.

2nd thing for CBSE schools - CCE pattern is followed i.e. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation pattern the details of which you will get on NHSS school website (and also on CBSE site).  The schooling pattern is changed a lot than what it was before.  All the personality aspects of the child are evaluated in the school on continuous basis. ( A full time job for teachers as well  as parents. ) So no exam fever and tensions.  Children are evaluated throughout the year on all aspects i.e. comprehensive- all inclusive.

Fee structure is also OK in NHSS as compared to other schools.  I paid 40 K(Tution ) n 27 K (one time admission fee) this year. Appears to be normal as compared to Euro school where 50 K (admission fee) n 50-65 K (Tution fees ever year)


CoolParent 2012-11-26 18:26:51


Fees Structure for Jr. Kg. at NHPS Airoli -2013-14?

Hi there,

     I am looking at NHPS Airoli for admissions to Jr. Kg. for my daughter. Can anyone tell me what is the fees for Jr. Kg. for this year. I need to know the following breakup of amount.

Admission Charge = ???

Annual Fees = ???



remik 2012-11-28 11:58:20


 Hi Kalpan,


Thank you for such detail reply. :)

I visted NHSS too. 

Fee structrure is ok.  Other things which you mentioned are also good.

Only problem is they do not have ground yet. They showed me a piece of land and said that school has purchased it and they are planning to develop it. However for now all scraps there.

Plus point is they have good buses and they also have affliation which Euroschool does not have. 

(I hope they do not have branch in Thane ghodbandar road. otherwise they will decline us in airoli)

The forms for admission will be available from 1st Dec to 15th Dec. and then they will ask for test. once that is confirmed I have to pay admission fee. 



KALPAN 2012-11-29 10:09:56


Hi Remik,

NHSS also has started the branch at Thane ghodbunder road this year .  admission started for first year of the school i.e.  for 2013-14. Though playground not yet developed, they have enough space in attrium and on floors (middle space) to carry out any activities. Academically it is good so I preferred n lot of activities throughout the year in which all the students are given euqal chance.  Even all the competitions are compulsory for everyone. With respect to fees also I found myself comfortable with NHSS as compared to Euro. The bus fees are on a higher side but considering the service thay are giving (on dot buses with due care taken of the children) I think it is justified. In every situation we find something good n something bad however we have to take the decision depending on our priorities. I was under great tension when I shifted my daughter in 2nd std.  But from day 1 she is enjoying the school and doesn't want to miss it ona single day. That's enough for me.

BTW the adjacent garden (the gate of which is from school area also) is maintained by NHSS and they do take the pre-primary students to play there.  While taking admission my daughter was more interested in the garden but she did not got the chance to play in that garden since joined in 2nd.



batsee 2012-12-03 11:33:53


 I am very happy with the school. I took admission for my daughter for 1st grade this year. There was a small test which she had to give. It was very simple basics. Not to worry about anything. School timings are 7:45 -2:00. 

I have seen a lot of progress in her and also my son who is in jrkg. They have a lot of activities and class competitions. Teaching is also very nice.

So far no problem with the school buses also.



remik 2012-12-05 21:21:14


 Thank Kalpan & batsee.

I will certainly try to get admission in NHSS. I hope I can get in.

Another question is -

if they have opened the school on ghodbunder road, will they admit people from Thane to Airoli school? Do you think they will ask Thane parents to shift to thane school? 

because ghodbunder is really far from my place.


KALPAN 2012-12-06 10:16:39


I don't think so. The parents have to decide which school is near to them and they are comfortable with. Presently they have school buses (I really appreciate the timing and care taken of the kids in school buses) plying to Airoli from all locations.

Anyways u can always get it clarified from the school.



remik 2012-12-07 13:07:43


 Thanks Kalpan.

They will be giving the forms from 15th Dec. I will ask them about this.

I really hope they don't do that ( like euroschool )



mahenswa 2012-12-07 17:14:40


 Hi All,

Hav planning to take admission in NHSS- GB road thane for my kid in J.Kg.

Hv couple of question for existing parents who had enroll their kids in same school.

1. Does the teachers paid full attention towards each kids on their gud n bad activities during school time and highlight at appropriate time to kid as well as parents for further development??

2. Will there be any hidden charges/cost leveid by school apart from fees structure??




st24 2012-12-08 16:57:21


 hi all,

new horizon scholars school thane has started giving addmissions for 2013-14 batch. i m planning to shift my son from billabong thane to nhss in std 4th. can anybody plz tell me that how the school doing in airoli.hows the faculty and hows the extra curricular activities. when i visited their thane campus they told me that their airoli branch is 6 yr old. plz provide the feedback about the nhsss airoli.



st24 2012-12-10 09:07:43


 hi kalpan....

from ur last post i got to know that ur dau is in nhsss airoli.... i want to know about the faculty as i m planning to shift my son in nhss thane in std 4..i want to know about their way of teaching as my son is in a internstional school now n we all know international schools have different approch towards studies.



KALPAN 2012-12-10 10:23:54



1. I took admission this year only i.e. 2012-13 and found that teacher is paying attention all the time and informing parents in PTI for the areas which needs development.  However we have to take concentrated efforts to improve upon these areas. School is not giving any extra efforts for this like in some schools I observed there are remedial classes where children are taught specific things in which they are weak.  However attending these classes in such schools is optional. The weak areas for my daughter were informed to me in the interaction session held while taking the admission after she appeared for the written test there.

2. There are no hidden costs apart from fee structure. However the following is not included in fee structure.

shoes (regular/PT), school uniform,books, school bus fees, sweater, skating (since my daughter has selected skating as an activity.  There are other activities like dance, karate, chess etc which does not require any additional expenses). costume rent for annual day, registration and books/CD costs for various competitive exams in which your child would like to enrol. (this is the list till date for which I have paid extra)


I cannot comment on faculty in higher standards.  But what I understand from my experience is they are taking well qualified teachers and take extra efforts while recruiting them w.r.t. their proficiency in english/subject, speaking skills, teaching skills etc. This I know since my daughter's grade teacher left the school mid term due to personal reasons (her husband trf to hyderabad) and the new teacher they appointed is also too good. (however the school took around 2 weeks to find the new teacher fulfilling all their norms and in that period the class was without teacher. However they were desperately searching for the new teacher which fulfills all the criterion and they were not ready to compromise on that ground. Daily there were interviews going on and class demos before recruitment of the teacher.  So I suppose the faculty at higher grades must also be good.

As rightly said by you international schools have different approach towards studies. even my daughter was in international school and it took around 3-4 months for me n her to adjust to the new way of learning.  However in CBSE the emphasis is more on understanding the concepts than on mugging up and reproducing the things in the exams.  What I observe in this school is even the children are tested more on coneptual knowledge and whatever given in book/notebook will never come for exam.  The child can answer if and only if he/she has understood the lesson. I prefer this.



KALPAN 2012-12-10 10:27:26


hi st24

btw why u want to shift from Billabong thane. I have heard good reviews about the school??? can you pl share as couple of my friends children are in billabong but of course in primary section i.e. 1st n 2nd.

And definitely NHSS- Airoli is not 6 yrs old. You need to ask again.  However in a short span of time the school is recongnised as one of the best school in the area.

That's the reason I shifted my daughter


st24 2012-12-10 15:08:56


 hi kalpan,

thanks for all the feedback about nhss airoli.

i m planning to shift my son frm billabong as i want him to pursue cbse.. in billabong they have icse n ib...and if we see  in the context of indian competitive exams cbse always has an extra edge.

billabong is a very gud school but i think their no exams-no pressure approch is more suitable in lower higher classes kids need to learn how to handle the pressure, their care free attitude is not going to help them in future. thats my view...i think this is the high time for him to learn about the real competitive world.



st24 2012-12-10 15:22:58


 hi all,

anybody has idea about the affiliation system of cbse. i m planning to shift my son in a upcoming school (new horizon scholars school, thane) which does not have cbse affiliation rite now... school administration is telling me that it is the rule of cbse that any new school can apply for affiliation only after one year of operation. so  they r going to apply for affiliation nxt year only and as they r already running a school in airoli... they will easily get the cbce affiliation nxt year.

i m really confused...shud i shift my son or i shud wait for one more yr and shit him only after the the school gets affiliated.



Prinks25 2012-12-14 09:27:39



For all those interested parents, New Horizon Scholars School will start registration form distribution from 15th December 2012 onwards (starting at 9.00 am)  for class I-VIII for the academic year 2013-14.


st24 2012-12-17 10:29:14


 @kalpan, prinks25, batsee

hi all 

as all of u are knowing about nhss airoli... can u plz tell me what is their teaching method in primary they send books and notebooks home or keep them in school only. which publication they r using specially for english, maths and science. if u can provide the names of the books that wudbe a great help. how they take exams... do they provide the scheme before taking exams or it is uninformed.

i m on the verge of finalizing nhss for my son, going thru a pre addmission enxiety :) 


KALPAN 2012-12-17 10:58:03


hi st24

I m not aware of their teaching method in promary classes as I enrolled my daughter this year only i.e. 2012-13 for 2nd grade. But for her grade I m finding the teaching method good. She is learning a lot in school itself. For english, maths, evs and gk they r using RAINBOW PUBLICATIONS semester wise books plus hindi, marathi and computer separate books.  The pattern of exam and their evaluation system, u can get the information on their website (Airoli school).  Upto 3rd they have FA i.e. Formative assessment (6 assessments a year i.e. FA1, FA2, FA3, FA4, FA5 & FA6).Weightage given to each assessment and other details are given on the website. U can go thro it. They follow Contiunuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) being followed in all CBSE schools according to CBSE guidelines and they call it assessment and not exams. so no exam fever for parents.  Before FA normally they inform 3-4 days in advance the portion for that FA and next day FA subject is informed on the previous day i.e. u will come to know the subject for tomorrow only when the child comes home today. Basically all the time child is prepared for taking the assessment. In other way, all the time job (continuous) for  parents also. One way good  that no tension for parents as well as children of so called EXAMS.

Hope this helps u in some way.



st24 2012-12-17 11:52:28


 hi kalpan...

thanks for all the details... this is so kind of u.

do books come daily to home..... or they r kept in school only... because in billabong they send text book n note book of a perticular subject only once a week.... thats becomes difficult some times to sutdy the sub because we  have to finish the topic that day only .



KALPAN 2012-12-17 12:16:58


Rainbow only 1 text book for eng,evs, maths n gk which is carried daily to school. all the notebooks (class work) comes home on fridays and are taken back on mondays.  hindi, marathi n computer text book n note book to be carried according to the time table.



wonderdoe 2012-12-17 23:47:40


@ st24,

 My kid is currently studying in grade 3 in nhss. I can see that your queries have been well answered by fellow parents. About the affiliation part, I'd just like to add that nhss airoli got the cbsc affiliation just last year. Until then it was functioning like any other regular school - at least for about 2-3 years. I got my child admitted here in grade 1. Primary teaching over the last 2 1/2 years has been fair. Of course there have been the typical ups and downs but overall, no bitter complaints.Teachers take care but as there are about 30-35 kids in each class, one teacher is insufficient for discipline management. But I gues this is the case in most schools?? 

The monthly PTI's may feel a tad 'too many times' but they provide a good insight for how your child's faring in class on an overall basis. However, this school does not have a Parents Teachers Association and this creates a gap in communication. Do check about this in the Thane branch.

There are extra classes, conducted during library sessions (within school timings) that help kids cope up with subjects that they may need additional help in. One thing I am happy about is that the Principal and the Head-teacher here, are both extremely dynamic and make maximum efforts to provide an appropriate solution to problems.

I hope this helps you make an informed decision. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


st24 2012-12-18 09:26:17


 @kalpan and wonderdoe

thanks a lot... going for interaction and addmission on coming sunday.....hope everything goes well, keeping my fingers crossed :)



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