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antiall 2011-01-10 13:57:58


hi all,

This is a new world where we(my husband and i)are learning the ropes of the schooling process as we go through life...my son is about a 17months now and we have been to 2interviews,so far,- both of which were like hanging swords over our heads.- to our good luck, we sailed through both of them,but it left us bewildered as to the kind of stress that parents of toddlers to big kids go through to get into a good school...

in this day and age where the new generation starts off schooling as early as nine months and for those who went to a pre natal class as well, got some rhymes in the womb; make our parents wonder why we do all this when at our time we didnt even have nursery....so what happened to us if we didnt go to mother-toddler class...etc....

during an interview for playgroup , we sat pondering what would a stranger ask us to gauge what our child was like....20min later than scheduled time (1130 on a working day,)we were called in...we had not yet seen the facility or what they would teach or what they have as part of their programme...and not to mention not affiiated to a school...

i was asked what did i sing to him when i was pregnant?

if he was potty trained( at 1yr????) 

what food i ate?

if could talk clearly (da da,mama,papa baba,nana)

how much time my busy husband would spend with him and what would they do inthat time...

describe our baby ?

after we answered to the best of our ability,we left from there feeling like we had to sell our child and his abilities so that he is benefitted with education.

after we were informed that our kid got in,we were told to pay the fees the same day asap or the seat would go to someone else. i dont get it.  in other words our efforts of taking time off from work and goign for the interview and waiting is not respected cause like us there are others in line.so they dont care,? right? i dont like disrespect,we cancelled the cheque.

children are children,they will grow and learn and develop and one cannot ascertain what their potential is at such an early age...i wanted to be a bus driver when i grow up....!

everything happens to be so fast paced, its crazy,the stuff that is expected of us parents and the kids to keep up just cause you have to and not necessarily you want to...

another place had us fill a form individually stating :-

our views on religion,how open we were to holistic education,what we expected of the school,what our income was,how social we were, were we willing to take the kids on a camping trip,.we will sponsor food for all the kids in the class once a month,will we participate in all the school activiites, if we knew sponsors for their various events etc etc....it went on for 2pages back to back...

i've been told that parents even go for classes to prepare for school interviews (is that right?) and the people who conduct them are pretty rude to the parents and kids who attend.......kudos to those who really brave it all for the kids...hope the kids understand someday what all we had to do to get them into a good school...

i would like to know what kind of experiences they have had during interviews and what the husbands thought of it....



shanoo 2011-01-10 16:02:07


Hi ,

Which school is this where u agve this interview ?


antiall 2011-01-11 14:43:12



this was at headstart,shivaji park...though i've also heard good things about the curriculum,i wasn't impressed with the tiny size of the classrooms( 2 flats on ground and first divided into mini rooms) and one of the teachers in conversation told me its important to have explosions (instead of excursions !) to widen ur mind...! 

my experience with MET rishikul vidyalaya bandra was quite good.

do let us know what good schools are out there...



Narinder 2011-01-11 15:01:42



I totally agree with u A .. these days parents have to get prepared for the interviews more than the child .. I had also called up vasant vihar school (thane) for my 16 month old child they just banged the phone down coz i was a ltl late to enquire about the admission.. so rude bcoz they seriously dont need people they are already full in hands alwayss ..

me too worried about the admission as i missed this time and now i will have to first get into a playgroup and thnn nxt yr try for a good school directly and my husband is like so much pressure on the child and feels bad about it..




MauMom 2011-01-14 13:34:21



"important to have explosions to widen ur mind...! "

Liked it :)


sunshine123 2012-07-16 16:36:58


hi ...i just happen to see your Headstart interview post (2011)..guess your child must be in a playschool already? which one did you go to finally? any other interview experiences. Also how early did you have to apply to headstart before your child was eligible?

my son is gonna be 16 months old and i was wondering what options do i have near prabhadevi area (worli has a few)...once he turns 18 months. Or am i late for particular playschools?



antiall 2012-07-17 12:42:24


hi guys,

sorry i've not got onto the site for long...

---sunshine 123-- im not aware of the admission timings for ur kid but im sure they'l be sites online to check out dates and numbers to call and confirm with them.  there is podar jumbo kids at worli and tree house near siddhivinayak ...(chk regarding space and curriculum) what about kangaroo kids bandra (ask regarding pick up facility if any?) 



my son finally went to MET rishikul vidylaya...(Dont go by the name) but the school is great... For those living in mumbai its located adjacent to the Lilavati Hospital and now has a big Bhujbal Knowledge Center board as well put up.

I've really come to appreciate the school, we did the mother toddler course(very well done by the teachers)  as well as playgroup( went for field trips as well)  and now he's in nursery there. ( he goes by bus and all) 

they've recently got the Cambridge certification and so that will be good as long as they can adopt the methods of teaching. 

the teachers put in a lot of effort and very friendly with the kids. .. they write and call up the parents if the kids are not well and if anything is amiss in their handbooks every day.

 this year their school is a full day programme and though its tiring,, all the extra curricular activites are handled within the shool which is great. 

my only hitch is that they have a ' food seva' programme catering food for the kids in a class once every two month. this year its a whole lunch, rice, veg,dal, roti,salad for 30 kids, its not easy for me cause we're not in a big family....with lot of help....i cook for 3 people in my home thats it. but ive managed to get  a cook recently who is a saviour . 

so far so good.... lets see how it progresses through the year so i can think about continuing wih this school or looking for another for jr kg. 




sunshine123 2012-07-17 13:43:28


thanks A. good info on MET. if it was closer would have thought about that one..but do not want to go too far for play school . For big school will definitely look at AVM bandra, or Dhirubhai...lessse :) long ways!

Gonna check out headstart (not too sure about this), and mango tree (TAC), Childrens nook at worli. Again not heard very good reviews on Podar jumbo (cant say though). Also not too sure about these franchise types--tree house, kangaroo kids n all!! lotsa research yet to go :)




jaidon 2013-02-05 16:13:52



I am new here.

We r also looking for MET Rishikul for my son. Seeking admission for Jr KG.

I am just worried about fees...every year 10 to 15 % increase is expected.

Is tht true? Currently it must be 1,15,000. Do they take Donations?

I visited the school n filled up info form for waiting list.

But Im confused, should I wait for their call or book any other school admission?

If I take admission somewhere else, our fees around 50,000 will go waste. Many schools dont refund in case of admission cancelled.

pl reply. thank you.


Swetamit 2013-05-23 10:22:06



I went through your review on headstart & I couldn't agree more as I stay in Mahim & have evaluated all these schools - Headstart, Jumbo kids, Treeshouse mahim & some more crappy ones.  I went through the same dilema of trying to choose the best school for my son when he was 1.9 years.   Me & my husband went school to school to figure out which is better as I was not sure what I was looking for.  Finally after meeting all these schools i realized that they are just too aggressive for my baby & will put so much pressure... i certainly din like the idea.. 

Finally i came across a school - called Daffodils - Mahim, It is run by Ms Alpana, she has a very big play school in Parel about 50 kids & was starting with mahim only that same here.. I made up my mind the minute i spoke to Alpana.. she came across as such a calm person, ready to answer our questions & reiterating the fact that we do not believe in forcing the child to do anything.  he has to come here & play & then we slowly teach him concepts.  We made a decision right there & signd up.   I think it was one of the best decisions of my life... as Alpana kept her word & my son loved going to school as it was more play than actual learning which I think is ok for a playgroup kid. How much can you teach him anyways!  

I would say it is the best playschool in Mahim & if you think like me where you dont want to turn around your kid in his 1st year of schooling, I would recommend please look at regular playschools.. not these branded ones as they are super heavy on the child.

Now my son who is 3.5 years has got admission in MET Rishikul & I am glad that he enjoyed 2 years of his life.



MaulikGala 2013-08-24 19:18:30


Hey guys,


Please can someone help me with valuable reviews on

1. Headstart

2. Childrens Nook...


Also for primary school how is JBCN, Parel ??

Which other good school would y'all recommend between worli to bandra ?


Cheers ! 


sunshine123 2014-06-26 16:38:17


Happen to see this thread after a couple of years now when i was looking out for playschool for my son...we finally went for Mango Tree at Worli also known as TAC-toddler activity center. he had a great time there and really good development without too much pressure or crazy amount of worksheets etc. Lots art/craft/music/physical development-they have a super gym area and best part the teachers were fantastic! The atmosphere and attitude mattered to us the most while choosing  a playschool. Now my son has moved to AVM bkc although i wish he could have continued there itself! 
hope that helps!
maulik- i didnt go for Headstart/Childrens nook for the same reasons which were different from mentioned above for TAC-ofcourse my opinion. 


palchiya 2014-07-21 17:19:07


Hi...we too had a round of interview before we were accepted for the admission of our toddler....I saw the school infrastructure and I'm not too happy with it...the kind of fees they are charging I expect a lot better...thou I alread paid I'm still confused weather to keep looking for a better place for my kid....please suggest which all are great schools here near Worli?😊


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