What is the difference between ICSE and IGCSE?

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amitpathak96 2011-01-05 23:57:11


 Hello Parents,

I have been living in the U.K and have school going children here. I will be shifting to Mumbai for a 4 year assignment.

I have been searching for information on schools that would offer a curriculum similar to British state school so my children feel the least 'bump' in their education.

I'm particularly interested in understanding the difference between ICSE and IGCSE. There seem to be loads of schools featuring in a nationwide list of schools offering IGCSE studies.

HOWEVER, when I go to the individual school website, they seem to be offering the ICSE curriculum.

Is ICSE same as IGCSE?

Do we have schools in Mumbai that exclusively offer IGCSE as a course curriculum for children in Class 3 and class 4?

Any guidance will be much appreciated please.

Kind regards,



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