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SaloniAK 2011-01-04 16:55:47



I'm currently residing in London and relocating to Mumbai in April end. My daughter is born on 13 March, 2007.

What class would she be seeking admission to? Could you please guide me with the admission process?

We have not yet decided the place in Mumbai. To be frank, the school would take priority and we are planning to move in close to the school.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




shanoo 2011-01-05 16:54:30


Hi  Saloni,

Sure yr concerns on the right kind of school is very important criteria , but mumbai is a large city & there are many schools scattered very where. I stay in goregaon & we have lots of school in my vincinity , but i am still planning to relocate to Dadar/Mahim since i want my child to go to bombay scottish mahim & also since my hub's office will also be close , we r thinking of relocating there.

Since yr daughter is born in 2007 she shall be eligible for Upper Kindergarden i.e JrKg.

Actually the admission process for most schools for the next acadamic year is already started , hence i suggest if u could decide yr place of stay it would help u better to understand which school could be a better option.

Well do write back to me in case of any further help u need .

Bye & take care,




SaloniAK 2011-01-06 19:25:32


Thanks Sonali.

I believe most schools in Mumbai are now open for admissions to kids born in 2008. Like you said my daughter will be eligible for Junior Kindergarten.

Do you know what the criteria for admission is? I know that in Delhi the admissions are based on point system - points being given on how far the home is from the school, alumni, girl child, elder child etc. Does Mumbai also have any such point based system or any such criteria?

We're still finding and finalising details of where to shift in Mumbai.

Do you have a listing/ranking of schools in Mumbai? That will be of great help.




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