malad east universal high school or sharda gyanpeeth international school

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 is any body from malad can any body tell me howz universal high school in malad and about sharda gyanpeeth international school.

Remg 2011-05-03 19:20:22



I also am i dilemma between universal and sharada.Can you let me know which one you choose finally.



 Former member 2011-05-05 14:17:46


 hey i am opting for sharada gyanpeeth international school i have personally met the parents over there  as per the education is concerned they r too good in that

in univertsal the timings are too much and they just pressurise the kids in activities they have very little education ..  ifeel education is more important then activities...

activities can be done in vacationn also but what about the basic education... ...

so i finallly opted for sharada gyanpeeth international schoool...

in universal i have met the parents over there they told me they are even not aware what there kids are studing as they does not provide any books at home... so the main negative point is that we the parents are not able to undrstand what our child is doing at the school...

at sharada the school is upcoming they have very big playground and they are also updated with audiovisual room ..the main positive point is the teachers are too good. they give personal attention to each and every students...(as told by many parents at sharada) the study level is too high in compare to other school our kid starts learning three letter words in junior itself the mathematics is also too good the child learn addition substraction  in junior itself ... we feel that how a smalll kid can cope up so much but its the fact the teachers at sharada r too goood they help our kids to learn things very fast..


let me too know what u did..... r u from malad east .......???????



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