Nursery Admission in Borivali or Dahisar

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Dipac 2010-12-12 13:18:12


Hi Fellow Parents,

I am looking for nursery admission for my kid who will be 3 years old in March 2011.  Please suggest me good schools in and around Borivali or Dahisar. Also, any comments on Rustomjee will also be appreciated.

Thanks and Take Care !!


tmp 2010-12-12 14:53:54


Hi Dipac,

Admission for the kids who are born in 2008 has already started............ Rustomjee is good school but they also have closed with admission for the year 2011.Another school u can check out is Pawar Public School in Borivali West , Thakur Public School in Kandivali East. Childrens Academy is also a good school & they r giving forms from 15th or 16th of Dec onwards pls checked out......................


Dipac 2010-12-12 15:24:41


hey tmp thnx for the quick response.....I really have  no idea about Children's Academy. I visited their site and they also have ICSE cirriculum with them..Do you have any inputs on this ??.

We have just moved to Dahisar and require a good school, ICSE or State board....Will appreciate your comments on this.

Thnks again for helping me out.....


tmp 2010-12-13 15:01:58


hi dipac,

Children's Academy is a very good school................ u can try for that school...... i think they are distributing forms on 15th or 16th of Dec 2010.......... Even u can try Thakur Public School in Kandivali (E),(ICSE) in thakur village................It has a mixed crowd with good infrastructure & a good facilities..........I have taken admission for my son in Thakur Public School...........


Dipac 2010-12-13 22:37:38



Good...ur tensions are over....our's have just started.  I have no idea what process does one have to go under to get an admission in a nursery school... Rustomjee, as you said, is out of question now as it's admission have closed down...I was even contemplating St. Francis D'assisi but to be frank I have no great confidence in it though....probably ur thought on this one !!!......

Also, Matushri Kashiben Vrajlal Valia International Vidyalaya, Borivali was also in question for it's CBSE again your inputs will be of great help (if the form acceptance dates are still on).

What abt Thakur Public School ??......are their admission process still on ???....I will certainly have to try multiple options so that I do not land up in soup..........U know what I mean.....I will certainly take the application forms of CHildren's ACademy....

Lastly,...thanks a lot for your valuable inputs and I will ceratainly appreciate your coments on my above queries....You have a good day and take care !!




tmp 2010-12-14 00:07:49


Hi Deepak,

Sorry i have no idea about Matushri................ han but u can try for Thakur Public School (ICSE) Kandivali (E)..........i think if seats are available they might give the admission.......................check out pls. And try to get the form for Children Acadmey. And by the way all the school give perferences to those parents who stays nearby school.

So u have to hurry up for taking most of the school had closed down with the admission process.

Lastly.......... pls dont say thank you for my inputs.................i responded quickly bcoz i have also gone through this process.........i have also ask for school reviews but i didn't get that information on i try to help and share the information which i have with me to the parents like you.

Hurry up for the admission process asap................



Dipac 2010-12-14 18:58:57


Hi trupti.......good to your name .....

Yes...I will be going on the 16th to get the forms..hopefully we should get in this school......I would have not known the dates of the form distribution had u not informed me in my post.......

I will not thank you for this....but really appreciate your efforts......take care and happy parenting.........





tmp 2010-12-14 20:34:40


Hi Deepak,

Let me know if you get the admission.................

Best of luck...............



allsmiles 2010-12-15 18:49:53



thakur public school is offerin admissions to only ppl residin in east side...

as for rustomjee...i suppose if there is vacancy they r still admittin for nursery...i have taken admission for my daughter there only...

pls dont take admission in thakur international school..kvi has quite a few bad reviews...

u may consider ajmera global school or dr pillai's as well....i didnt take there as they were too far for me...

hopin u find this info a bit useful



Dipac 2010-12-15 21:48:03


Hey..that's quite a helpful info for me......I will also enquire in Rustomjee if there are still admissions going on......I will apply in 2 -3 schools for a safer bet....lets see where we land up.....

Take care and bye !!


addictive 2010-12-20 14:51:51


Thanks guys that was a usefull thread and information.

Dipac, were you able to get form from rustomjee ?

I am going to try for rustomjee tomorrow for IGCSE board, Pawar public school is out of question as their list is out and admissions are full as well.

did you get forms at childrens academy ?


vinu11 2010-12-20 15:16:46


If we don't get admission in TPS & CA, which one would be the other best option?




tmp 2010-12-20 22:57:58


Hi..... Vinod,

TPS u will get the admission if u resides in East side.......still admission are going on in TPS.Another option......... is check out in Swami Vivekanad.... in Borivali (West), Dr Pillia.............Sri Sir Ravishanker................. Borivali East.....



vinu11 2010-12-21 09:32:05


Hi Trupti,

Thnx for ur prompt reply. Actually, i feel for a girl child to think of a school which is that far off..i m not comfortable considering that we are working couple. I inquired about gurukul universal high in dahisar & malad..but for above reasons i feel to drop that idea.

So we are depending on TPS & CA. Regarding TPS, we got mixed reactions. But on the whole, it looks fine. whats ur opinion? If we want to choose between TPS & Cambridge, which one would u recommend and why? Also do u have idea, that if we withdraw admission in TPS (assuming we get admission in CA) would we get part or full refund of fees and what grounds would they refund?

gud day



tmp 2010-12-21 14:18:36


Hi Vinod,

Yes u r right ........if u resides in east side then go for TPS........ i have taken admission for my son in that school. The school is good for infrastructure, facilities, ....... they have many activities. ........ and it is fully established. Childrens Academy is also the best school.......

Firstly u try for CA then go for TPS,Bcoz TPS is giving admissions till there seats r school will give the refund of fees........ For Cambridge they r taking 40,000/- at the time of admission (non refundable). They don't have good facilites.

Dont go for Gurukul pls......... for reviews u can check out on parentree site itself....





vinu11 2010-12-21 15:47:18



As CA will take forms only from 18th jan, it is clear that admissions will complete only by end of jan. In such case, if i miss out on admission in TPS as well then it would be a problem.

Do u think i can afford to wait till jan'end for TPS. Or should i take admission in TPS and then see whats the outcome of CA?




Dipac 2010-12-21 19:06:29


Hi Vinod..

I live in Dahisar East and I was fully planned to get admission in CA but bad news......CA does not allow residents from least that's what the lady on the phone told me...I was to plan B.......I am planning to take admission for my son (3 years old boy) in a nursery and then next to next year admit him to LKG in State Board.......I never thought that ICSE is better than the State Board after all it soley depends on ur child..Rustomjee is also full....only IGCSE admissions are on....the fees are on a higher side.....

Regards Deepak......


Dipac 2010-12-21 20:34:15


Hey Trupti...

As u will see my reply to Vinod.. I was unable to get admission in CA as they do not admit residents of Dahisar...starange rule I guess...well I am planning to admit my son in a good nursery and then carry on.....

U take care and keep in touch.........



vinu11 2010-12-22 09:28:44


Hi Deepak,

Thnx for ur reply. My wife is psychologist and has worked even as school counsellor. Her expereience suggests that students from SSC board struggle when for some reason (like transfer of kid to ICSE school or existing school converting to ICSE) the kids have to cope with ICSE syllabus. Its because ICSE syllabus is more advanced. Like studies are done earlier compared to state baord. Its not like which one is better, but when ur kid goes for ur higher education, they find it simpler, because they don't have to suddenly cope with high pressure. Our thinking on the above, may be wrong but the pace at which schools are reverting to ICSE..i feel its better to go for converting from ICSE to SSC is far simpler. The choice is yours as u would definitely would think in the interest of ur kid.

There is more way of getting dejected in case of CA as this time they are reverting to lottery system as compared to the seats the forms sold are threefold. And that is hard to deserving kids (who are exceptional at this age) may still not get admission.

In any case, wish ur kid the very best. gud day.




Dipac 2010-12-22 19:08:43


Hi Vinod....

May be u r right.....My plans are little bit different....I will observe my child at least till the 4th standard and if he shows exceptional skills I can shift him to ICSE as 4th is the check point for ICSE board....and if he is not...I will stick to SSC board... I don't want to burden him of the studies unncessarily......

I know there is a gap between the SSC board and ICSE...but one can easily make it up utilizing the vacation time in doing extra courses in Maths...English....French the SSC students have less burden of studies.....

At least this is my thinking......and where did u took admission for ur kid ???



vinu11 2010-12-23 09:20:05



I am completely banking on CA. If i don't get there then i will see if TPS still has vacancy (not sure as it would be jan'end). If i don't get in any, then i will put her in private nursery.

Hopefully, things will work out has been a taxing experience.



tmp 2010-12-23 17:59:19


Hi Vinod / Dipac,

U can wait for CA........... and if u dont get then go immediately for TPS.Besides if u want to put ur child in private nursery than go for Little Learners Academy in Dahisar East Ashokvan.

Its the best school...........Teachers take good care of children, they have many activities........ u dont have to worry at all  when ur child is in school, children gets so much attached with the teacher that they will happily go to school......... further they help to get us the admission in the school after Sr Kg........ they are attached with many schools.................My son is in playgroup of Little learner academy.

Hope......... this information will help  u....






vinu11 2010-12-24 09:15:06


Hi Trupti,

Thnx for ur feedback. Does littel learners also have day care? Do they have bus service till thakur village? Do they also have tieup with CA?

Can u think of something more closer to thakur village? Hope i m not burdening u with more questions.

have a gud day.



tmp 2010-12-26 00:53:29


Hi Vinod,

No..... not at all ur burdening with questions........... Anyways here is the no of Little Learners Acadmey 2897 4431. They do have bus facilities but till thakur village i don't know.. u can ask all ur queries on this no.

I think if u r staying in thakur village u can go for TPS , Gundecha is also good school ........... they give perferences to people staying in thakur village first. Gundecha has playgroup also y dont u try there if u want to send ur child in daycare.

All the best.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year




vinu11 2010-12-29 11:38:08


Hi Trupti,

Thnx for ur reply. Once we complete with CA, and if we don't get admissions there..we will go for TPS. Gundecha, i guess has freezed all its seats. If we end up getting in none of the schools then we will try for private nurseries and then try next year in jr. kg in above schools.

Meanwhile, for your information, my wife is psychologist and has worked even as school counsellor. She will shortly be conducting a presentation on "study skills" for 5th to 9th std. students. She will also be conducting on study aspects related to primary section students. so if u know anyone, who would like to participate u can let me know.

Wishing u Happy New Year




Dipac 2010-12-29 22:25:00


any reviews of Swami Vivekanand International School, Borivali ??


vinu11 2010-12-30 09:24:40


Hi Dipac,

Sorry but i have no idea..but we did hear from few people that it is a good school..generally international schools are good, only that their fees are much higher..u can say almost double the normal schools..another thing is kids put into international schools are mostly from rich doesn't mean we can't afford it..but the thing is that over a time the kids fail to understand and feel the hard part of life as they don't get lots to observe on the nitty-grittys of life..well thats my view..

wishing u a happy new year




tmp 2010-12-30 23:00:08


Hi Dipac,

I agree with vinod.................. school is good but fees too high...........................



pranaya 2011-01-29 15:58:58


Hi Everyone,

Just joined Parantree.  Currently I am in US and coming to India by end of March 'for good'.  My daughter is 5 yrs. old and I applied for her in Gundecha, Thakur Public School and Swami Vivekanand. 

I did some research from my side, but can u please enlight me by sending reviews abt. these schools, especially Gundecha.  And any idea how much donation they take ???


vsa11 2011-01-31 09:37:38


Hi Pranaya,

All schools named by you are good and fee structures are more or less same. Just that taking admissions in primary sections could be difficult but certainly not impossible. If u stay in kandivli (E) go for TPS, gundecha. You can give first priority to children's academy (asha nagar / sai dham) as it is considered best school in Kandivli (e), though it is still not affiliated to ICSE (due to absence of play ground) but present academics are based on ICSE and teachers are rated good.

Gundecha what we heard is not so good in secondary section, TPS is considered good for the extra curricular activities and have their own ground.

U can contact schools from the info available in web site. In any case, admissions for primary sections will happen only after march mostly in June.







pranaya 2011-02-18 14:20:04


Hi Vinod,

Thanks for the information.  I did try for Children Academy, but they are not giving admission for primary in between, they said our all admissions are full from Nursery (its indeed a good school).  So focusing on Gundecha and TPS, lets see how its work. 

Just in case, do you have any idea abt. Donation these schools are taking (apart from Fees)??






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