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Sohela 2010-11-24 16:08:44


Hello Friends..

i would like to make friendship with parents of kids who are studing in R N Podar. Santacruz west..




archie 2010-12-11 23:03:11


Hi Sohela,

This is Archana,  I live in santacruz W and my son is in R N Podar school, in VI C.  We have taken admision this yr.  He is in afternoon shift.  Do tell me more about your self and ur child.  I drop him to school regularly.




Sohela 2010-12-15 21:21:58



archie i have send mail to your inbox.. plz check out..  my son is in 4th std.. and i m working with govt sector.. and here to make good friends.. hope u will like this GFB and join it




Sohela 2010-12-15 21:24:19


there is a rocking friendship bond on parentree started by Sahiba which I think u can join. It would be gr8 to c u here and share your views, ideas and experience about everything.You can make new friends too. A few of our Mumbai, Pune , Hyderabad and Trivandrum friends have met each other. Our group has home makers and working moms  from all parts of India and a few of them  from US, UK, Australia and China too.  We share our personal details through personal email ids or parentree inbox. We have also formed a group in facebook where we can see each other and chat sometimes.


We have many Mumbaikars too. May be you can join us and arrange playdates and get- togethers for kids and mothers  from Mumbai.



momtojai 2011-01-22 19:28:24




Since your kids are from podar cbse podar, would be obliged if you could provide a review on this school as i am planning to take admission here for my child.I heard student ratio is quite high.inspite of it is attention given to kids?how are the quality of teachers here?is it organised set up?do they have lots of homework?Would be grateful if u can provide an insight.


Thanks in adv


archie 2011-01-23 20:04:06


Hi momtojai,

I have taken admission this year for my son who is in 6th std.  Although the reputation of Podar school is good, from this year it seems their has been lot of changes in syallabus and way of teaching.  The ratio of parent - children is 1 : 50.  There is lot of pressure on the children as well as on the parents.   Children have lot of worksheets to do almost everyday and portion is covered pretty fast.  Children are expected to think beyond the textbook which is good but co-operation from teachers side is very less.  Children are expected to do projects which is beyond their understanding and capacity and hence parents end up doing the same for the children.  Lot of projects, class tests, homework, activities which childen are expected to get involved as there are marks for these which gets counted. 

In short children and parents are on their toes thru out the acedemic year with very less breathing space.  If your child is very very good in studies i.e very studious and can manage to do academically very well all by himself then you can opt for PODAR otherwise you can go for other schools which are CBSE but does not pressurise the children. 

There is one in Andheri RAJHANS VIDHAYALAYA which is good.  The above is my as well as other parents opinion whose children are studying in Podar Primary as well as secondary.




momtojai 2011-01-23 22:57:10


Thanks archie....somehow when i spoke to a 4rth std parent yest, she made it appear like a cakewalk and no pressure on children types. She also mentioned that there is hardly much homework coming in.She said she was very happy with the school and the curriculum and they have amazing projects and interesting way of teaching.If the child concentrates and listens to the teacher in class,job is half done.My child has to go to grade 1 and he is not the studious types.Somehow i had made up my mind to take the leap but now i am confused after reading your review.Pls help again.


archie 2011-01-24 16:07:56


Hi Momtojai,

It seems every parent has his/her own opinion about the pressure of studies on thier children.  Some feel that slowly the child get used to it and handles it and also there will be less stress when he reaches higher classes or in college.  It also depends on every child.  As we all know every child is different in his or her own way.  They have their own capacity to handle things.  No matter how much u push them they will not be able to go beyond their capabilities. 

Podar is a good school.  But in CBSE section there is a lot expected from the children.  Children are supposed to know many things which may not be in thier syallabus.  But theyare expected to know them.  If the child is from PODAR itself right from beginning then he get used to this attitude.  

Anyways all the very best for your son's admission.




Nanduiyengar 2011-03-20 11:00:45



  I am Nandini planning to admit my 2 sons 7th std & 5th std in Podar CBSE.We are shifting from Pune. Can someone share experiences on Podar CBSE.My email is nandini_i@yahoo.com. I will be obliged if your cell no is shared in the email so that I can discuss with you. Thanks Nandini


CHAITANYA5 2011-04-05 21:26:27



We just re-located from USA to Mumbai and enrolling our 5 year old daughter into RN Podar 2nd grade. If anyone has any thoughts on the school, how well the afternoon shift works and how well the studies are, please reply to chaitanya5@yahoo.com My wife's name is Radhika and can be reached at 26131362.


Raje123 2016-02-06 17:41:25


I am a parent of a CBSE 10th grade child , planning to continue his grade 11th and 12th in Mumbai. V zoned into R. N. Podar for these grades with integrated course. I would like to get honest reviews about the teaching standards for these grades, also if I attempt integrated course, do I need to send my child for entrance coaching or school course coaching separately. 

Vis123 2019-03-05 19:18:01


i am planning for my son admission in 1st std at R N podar. Please give some honest review or any good alternate school details. 
I heard that it is 1 of the best school. For primary school, I want your review pl


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