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ovie 2010-11-22 17:43:25


Hi All, I am looking for a different school for my daughter in/around Powai/Vikhroli area. Preferably a school that has less student/teacher ratio and focussed on imparting knowledge and not just grooming children for the rat race. If any one has any idea of such schools in Mumbai, please let me know. Thanks

mommyash 2010-11-23 13:42:27


hi ovie

schools in powai, in order of preference:

1. HFS- but they give admission only on the basis of ownership of hiranandani flats in powai.

2. SM Shetty- slowly inching up from last few years. my daughter studies in SR.Kg. and she already can read story books on her own. Mode of teaching is thru Edu Comp. they have also introduced IPC from Nursery, and is the 6th school in India to have done so. I was not happy when my daughter started gng there, but now i have to shift to thane and am in no mood to leave SM Shetty School. what is imp at this age is that the child shld have a good knowledge base and SM Shetty does all that and more.teachers are good and friendly. 2 teachers for every class.emphasis on english speaking. SSC and ICGSE from std 1.

3. Gopal Sharma Schotol, but they take heavy donations for admissions in std 1 ICSE

4. Bombay Scottish- nothing grt study wise for pre primary and primary sections. good for higher classes, but stuffy classrooms, unfriendy staff and majority of the time pre primary kids are asked to sleep in class. my frnds who had put their wards are all planning to shift their kids to HFS or SM Shetty. Kids are duds in pre primary classes.



bhaggi 2010-11-23 15:11:52


 One school is there Vikhroli East - Vikas High School , I heard it is also a good school .



Dasgupta 2010-11-30 13:17:12


I agree with mommyash. My kid is in s m shetty and my experience is they take enough individual care and most importantly the environment is student friendly. I have seen that teachers are aware of strenghts and weaknesses of individual students. I am not sure about higher classes in s m shetty but pre primary is quite good. My suggestion is for pre primary you can continue in s m shetty and for higher classes, after comparison with other schools if you find that other schools are better, then only change. Idea is not to leave a good school based on apprehensions about the coming years.


ovie 2010-12-01 17:02:28


Thanks Mommyash, Bhaggi & Dasgupta.  We should be visiting Mumbai this month...will surely check out SM Shetty.


Pallavi81 2011-12-10 17:55:52


When admission for SM Shetty Starts for Year 2012-2013 and what will be fees ? any idea?


jshanky 2011-12-23 12:06:58


Thanks Mommyash, Bhaggi & Dasgupta

i am looking for admission for my son in pre primary (playschool), stay in Kanjurmarg. would you recomend SM shetty ? i met one of the teachers and was not very impressed but having said that have not gone to any other school yet.

also is this the ICGSE board or the SSC board you are talking about





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