Which CBSE school would you pick for your child?

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Dalvin 2018-11-23 09:07:00


We are relocating to Mumbai from Bangalore. I am seeking admissions for my daughter for 6th grade. I have done some research. Need your inputs on these schools based on the following points :

1. Newer teaching methodologies used v/s old style of rote learning
2. Middle school from 6-8 grades v/s 5-8 (bangalore follows 6-8 grade middle school, so i am looking for the same else my daughter would find it tough having missed one year of 3rd lang. introduction at 5th grade)

RN Podar Santacruz
New Horizon Public School
DAV Airoli
DPS Nerul
Billabong Santacruz

Pls.advise. Thanks in advance!

Dalvin 2018-11-23 14:27:55


We have narrowed down our list to include the following:

RN Podar Santacruz
New Horizon Public School Airoli
DAV Airoli
Nalanda Mulund

Pls.advise. Thanks in advance!

bangalorewhitef 2019-01-29 23:05:22


Hi Dalvin,

Which schools other than Deens acad in your area (whitefield) are good?
Getting into Deens seems too tough.

Thank you


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