Jr KG Admission for June 2011 in Thane

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gauris 2010-09-30 13:44:00



Request you all to share the dates when admission forms for Jr KG admission in various school in Thane  will be made available ..



Pop 2010-10-19 11:21:52


 Nalanda is on

Vasant Vihar - 23rd Nov

JK - last year it was wk1 of Dec. keep tracking their website.

AK Joshi - Last yr it was 1st Dec.



manojgupta1979 2010-10-23 09:35:27


Euro School Ghodbunder Road - 2nd week of Nov


gauris 2010-10-23 11:12:10



Nalanda admissions were for Nursery ... when i had enquired i was told for Jr KG we can enquire in Feb..

Can u pl confirm the dates for Nalanda Jr KG admissions ..i'll also enquire again



Pop 2010-10-23 14:20:55


Hi Gauris, 

 Nalanda - I had enquired for nursery. And for my neice who wld start Grade #4.

They asked me to contact towards end of Jan 2011. Hope Jr KG announcements should be around the same time. But learnt from another mom that they give preference for Jr KG to those unsuccessful kids who had applied for nursery in the earlier year.

One Mr. Gadkari from school admin was very helpful. And overall the experience interacting with them was pleasant.

Don't know if the dumping ground which  a stone's throw from the school should be an issue. I am told in monsoon the stench is untolerable.

Except that issue I am upbeat about the school as an Ex-Singhania Vice Prinicipal is active on its Board of Governors. I have studied under her and can vouch for their sincerity & dedication. Would prefer a Nalanda under her stewardship than the present day Singhania.

Would love to read all fellow-members insightful views on school administrations.




momatwrk 2010-11-30 23:08:15


Hi gauris,

Universal High @ Brahmand - ghodbunder road is distributing forms for jr kg nw.

Visited Vasant Vihar and they said to contact end of February. Forms distributed recently were for nursery admissions.

Dont abt the other schools.


gauris 2010-12-01 12:53:18


Thanks POP & momatwork

when i went to Nalanda at 9am the watchman didnt allow me to visit the office .. i am told to come afternoon after 3.30 ... so wud try again visiting the office. lets see what they say ..

@Pop : do u mean present singhania is not good anymore ? can u pl elaborate further..

Those who wud try for A K Joshi, SSC school naupada the forms will be available online from 2nd Dec.




Nbkatte 2010-12-05 13:26:47



I reside in Thane - Mumbai and lukn for admission of my daughter in nursery schools. Can u pls help me in knowing wen r the forms issued for DAV, Vasant Vihar. Also, i hve applied to sanskarni Ketan school(thane).They have accepted the admission but want to know any review abt the school as it is new in the city.

Pls help..



shrinathr 2010-12-06 08:06:23



Any idea about Sarasawati School at Panchpakahdi / Rabodi, also any other good schools around Pokhran Road No. 1 except Singhania for Jr.KG? When are they starting admissions. The procedure for Jr.KG at Vasant Vihar is not cery clear too.

Also are there any good play schools near Oswal Park area?

As we are in Chennai and will be shifting to Mumbai soon appreciate if further information is provided.



AnupShah 2010-12-09 03:37:23



I am visiting all major schools in Thane tomorrow for Jr KG admission for my daughter and should be able to post an update by evening tomorrow.  Had gone to JK Singhania today where I was informed that the forms will be online from 9-Dec-2010 @ 0930hrs onwards.  

I visited this website and forum just today and read through all the updates, and am relaxed to know I am not the only father frantically looking for schools for kids admission, at the same time I don't want that to cost my daughter her academic year as well.



gauris 2010-12-09 10:20:13


admission forms for AK Joshi (SSC) & J K (ICSE) are available online.

Good Luck to all !!


AnupShah 2010-12-09 10:24:21


Just now submitted online application for JK, got acknowledgement email as well. Checking other sites also and visiting schools as well.  

@Gauris - thank you for info on AK Joshi..


manali22 2010-12-09 11:27:12


@gauris Present Singhania is not good anymore.

My brother in-law and husband both have passed out from singhania, culturally and ethically the school has degraded a lot. especially during the time the school was transitting into the ICSE board a lot of injustice was done to the existing students. A lot of consipiracies took place.

that is too much and too bold to speak of, but there is a vast difference between the personality of a JK student now and what it used to be.

the great factors of culture and ethics are found missing in majority of them.


gauris 2010-12-09 12:49:04



r u suggesting we shld not try for JK ?

i have spoken to a parent of 5th std student she said it's still a good school ... also the new parent whose son is in Jr KG suggested me to try my luck..

i submitted the online form today... if u can pl elaborate ur experience it'll help me take decision in case we get listed by lot!



gauris 2010-12-09 12:58:52


POP also had mentioned that Nalanda is better than present day Singhania ...

i am really confused !!!



AnupShah 2010-12-09 18:30:44


Visited Billabong High and collected Admission Kit for Jr KG.  Admissions can be secured by payment of applicable fees on first come first serve basis.   Fees are exorbitantly high and likely to increase by 10% for coming academic year. They are also asking parents to sign confirmation of acceptance of fees increase right at the time of admission. 

Visited DAV Thane near Tulsidham as well.  They have stopped issuing forms for Jr KG admission.  Asked me to check in 2nd week of January on their in-house notice board for any display of vacancy or call at their board phone numbers.  They started admission few weeks back with first priority to Nursery to Jr KG of their school and then to siblings.

Visited Universal High.  First-hand experience for the 1st time of iPad - entering kids and parents information on application form on iPad. Same as Billabong High, admissions are open and can be secured on first come first serve basis.  They were even willing to offer me an appointment for coming Monday for interactive session with kids and parents before confirming admission - which I politely declined since need some time to think it over.  Their ICSE affiliation is NOT FINALISED and still in process.  At present, they only conduct classes upto Grade VIII, and subsequent approvals are also awaited...

JK online admission form is already submitted today morning. 

So now, I sit with this info and confused about feedback on JK by pop and manali22...wondering in which school should I secure the admission (even if I decide to wait for JK's result)... Also planning to visit Nalanda tomorrow...

Parents - any feedback from your end is most welcome and appreciated to help me & us take decision on suitable school for our kids...Thanks..


Pop 2010-12-11 00:11:09


 @Anup n Gauri,

I think my casual remark of preferring Nalanda over JK is taken too seriously. . .

I don't have strong facts to compare both the Institutions, we always feel the school were we studied was very good when we studied there and has lost its sheen after we passed out. That seems to be the reason behind my casual comments.

The present day JK has lots of divisions - H, I, J...8 or 9 classes for each year. even if the teacher/student ratio is maintained it seems crowded. Addition of a junior college is benefit but it brings about rebellious young adults in form of Jr. college students. Had read forums of present day JK students on Orkut. . . found disturbing views and comments - and was left wondering abt today's avg Sulonian.

Nalanda scores in my assessment as its new would be wanting to prove itself. Has some of the best teaching talent of earlier JK overseeing it. See few of their students in my colony turn up at the gate in the morning with enthusiasm and energy. Size - its intake is just 80 ! ! 
A promotor in the form of builder is little bit unnerving.

Nxt is ICSE (JK) v/s CBSE (Nalanda) argument for which I don't have a clue - would appreciate views from ppl who have studied these curriculum.

Importantly JK starts from jr kg whereas Nalanda starts from Nursery. So you can try for Nalanda at Jr KG level and try ur luck for Jk the nxt year. 

Assume Nalanda does not expect donations - any idea.

Whts the news on donations at  AK Joshi ???


dadx2 2010-12-11 10:19:02


 First of I think when you compare across generations its not really comparing apples with apples. Every generation feels that the next generation has deteriorated in values. It's a global phenomenon and not restricted to a particular school (in this discussion JK). I bet had you had Nalanda / Euroschool decades back someone wud have commented on the standards of students falling down. 

The majority of students in old schools (e.g. JK) these days are children of alumni.  My take is that if parents turned out good there's a good likelihood that so will the children and so will keep up the standard of the school. I agree that JK has added a lot of divisions (upto L), but they have maintained the student-teacher ratio which is what counts. 

My personal opinion is that JK is pretty good for overral development and is tried and tested. That said I don't think there's harm with going w/ another school if you feel comfortable with the school. 

Lastly, as a parent of a JK Kg. student I can say I am happy with my decision. 


pnv 2010-12-11 16:30:21


nalanda school seems to be good for pre primary upto 4 th grade, but parents are complaining about staff problems and not good language and science teachers. also worried abt cbsc curriculum.



gauris 2010-12-12 20:51:55


thnks Pop, Dadx2,  pnv... Pop ..yes ur remark really made me think all over again. totally agree with Dadx2 abt the earlier generation feelings abt the next lot ! but major issue is abt teachers when we say the school is no more good the way it used to be in our times since we really had a generation of good devoted teacher! the general problems r teachers keep changing for secondary in most of the schools .. i hav heard this complaint for vasant vihar also.. till now not heard any such problem with only two schools ie AK & JK ... as my options are limited n for JK its lottery i got concerned when i read Pop's remark .


Vishal1977 2010-12-12 23:51:05


I have also applied for my son's admission in JK for JrKG and also got a confirmation mail. However, the mail also mentions that you would get another mail with receipt no and other details. Did any one who has applied for admissions got such a mail ?


gauris 2010-12-13 09:37:08


hmm even I got similar mail giving details of my application no, name & status of payment. the receipt no not received as yet.


Vishal1977 2010-12-13 11:41:24


Gauris, Hey, there is a link on the left hand side of singhania website, you can check the status of the application giving the form no and the date of birth of your child.



gauris 2010-12-13 12:46:57


ya vishal even i hav checked it .. but since they had specified abt an e-mail having those details wanted to know if anyone has recd similar mails..thks.


shrinathr 2010-12-14 10:57:09


Any update about other schools such as Saraswati Panchpakhadi or Holy Cross ?

S Rao


dadx2 2010-12-14 11:00:04


 New Euroschool opening in Thane (Kasarvadawali - Ghodbunder Road) is accepting application till 24th dec...... (i believe it is Jr. Kg to V)


navind 2010-12-15 12:35:30


Hi All,

Lets try and compile things we know abt JK, experience, feedbacks etc... so that all of us who are applying for JK are benefitted and we can take a informed decisions...

i have too got few -ve reviews....like good teachers hav left the school and joined somewhr else....methodology is burdensome for child...like be it student teacher ratio or project work or home work .....then morally degraded as students are bit fast forward and have attitude....

These all things are just heard indirectly from parents of jk present and ex-students... ground reality might be different...

Also on positive side, overall development, polished personality, academics wise students are strong...its a school which has proved itself over a long period of time and still continuing...they are innovative...also one more thing is that, last year an ex-principal was conducting some survey for govt, he said in northeast mumbai he says 2 schools worth trying - 1 was udayachal (godrej) another is JK..

so lets try to gather more info, reviews and then compile it...



gauris 2010-12-15 14:19:55


the more we probe we keep getting mix reviews abt schools.. some priase it as if this is THE SCHOOL where a kid must study! and there r some who start with all that is negative.

somehow i cant understand this comment "morally degraded as students are bit fast forward and have attitude." now started thinking that this is probably being spread by frustrated parents who couldnt get their kid in JK .  i hope thats not true!!!

recently i met 2 moms whose kids r in jk n have got excellent review. so i am keeping my fingers crossed n hoping to be lucky.


dadx2 2010-12-15 14:41:47


 i agree w/ gauris assessment... if the gist of the comment was that JK students are snobs i would question the whole attitude of these people who generalize others... also, a lot of times self-confidence of a group is misconstrued as arrogance by those not in that group... i myself have at times been guilty of the same..

if anything, due to the low fee structure and the lottery structure in admission, most students from JK come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds...

finally, there are always certain students who will positively or negatively stand out in every school and the school cannot be defined by these outliers....


dadx2 2010-12-15 14:47:34


 Just to add, everyone needs to take a step back and realize that besides the school there are lots of factors that affect a child's growth and development... i hate it when people get all worked up for (or against) any particular school....


AnupShah 2010-12-15 15:49:33


Parents who have applied to JK for Jr KG admission can now know the receipt number of their application on school website, under the section "know application status".... I just now checked - it just shows the same application, but with receipt number, payment status and mode of payment being confirm at the bottom of the page. Not sure if this is the same document which was expected to be received...

Visited EuroSchool Thane as well today. Went through Audio/Visual of apprx 15minutes and discussions for more than 30minutes.  It's company run school (not franchisee) and expect to reach the same level as Airoli school in next few years.   Construction is in full swing and school building is expected to be ready by June.   I may finalise and secure the admission in next 1-2days in this school.



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