Advise a good school in and around Thakur Village Kandivali east

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jaivu 2010-09-26 14:25:01


Choices that have in front of me for my daughter who would be going next year July onwards





Seek all parents advice having knowledge about the same ....

My preference is Cbeebies way of teaching kids....pls advise which school will have a tendnecy to teach in the Cbeebies mannne

Jayel 2010-09-29 17:07:07


Hi Jaivu,

I have exactly the same dilemma....where is Rustomjee situated? where do u stay?

 My daughter is 2yr 7 months now and she would start nursery next year. Even I have Billabong in mind but am still confused since the distance would be too much.

Lokhandwala foundation school which is also ICSE board is closer to my house....but am seeking information on this board regarding CBSE/ICSE or IG/IB.



jaivu 2010-10-02 16:18:36


Staying in Thakur Village only....

Rustomjee is in Dahisar IGCSE board...




vineetarishi 2010-10-13 14:33:32



I stay in Thakur Village and my son goes to Gundecha. Its the best in the area. Its an ICSE board school. Method of teaching is the best I have seen so far. They dont burden a lot in nursery and Jr. KG but start building the base stronger from Sr. KG onwards. Its voted among the top 10 scools between thane to Andheri. Taeachers are really good. Limited chikdren in a class. More attention per student.

I attended an orientation session in the school on comparisions between ICSE and IG Boards and my assesment says if you arent moving abroad in the next few years then the IGCSE doesnt really add much value and tends to be expensive compared to the ICSE board.

But Gundecha is also coming up with the IGCSE board shortly within the same school.

Also if you are in Thakur Village this really saves up on your child's commuting time compared to the other options.

Hope the above was helpful.


tejalpshah 2010-10-13 14:47:51


Jaivu & Jayel,

I agree with Vinitarishi. Gundecha is very good school. My son goes to Gundecha, he is in play group & i like the school very much. I stay at Borivali (W) & i had struggled alot to get admission in this school. only because they don not allow students apart from thakur village. i am ready to travel for some time provided the school is good, with this view only i got him admitted to Gundecha.

You being in Village only, will save lot of time commuting. Secondly the good part is they do not take any donation for admission. they are very transparent that way so that gives you lot of trust in the management.

the admission for nursery already started so please check out as the forms for nursery admission were given on 24th Sep.



allsmiles 2010-10-20 20:30:58


hii tejal..

even i stay at borivali west...was also considering gundecha...but u have wriiten that u had to struggle a lot...xactky wat did u hve to do?do we need any influnence or sumthin...i am seekin admission for nursery for next year..any info on same will really be helpful...



leenaBorivali 2011-05-10 23:12:35


Its(Gundecha) voted among the top 10 scools between thane to Andheri. 

1. I am curious which are other schools

2. voting was done by whom?


I attended an orientation session in the school on comparisions between ICSE and IG Boards

Does Gundecha conduct such sessions each year?

Any idea when is it next?


Thanks a lot


dps2010 2011-06-28 15:50:53


Hi All

What is cut off criteria for Gundecha school? My kid is January 21st born and not eligible for admission who follows 31st December as cut off. Will he get admission there?



pracheegulecha 2011-07-05 02:11:49


hi dps,

my son is jan 29 born...plz do let me know if u find any solution to this admission problem,



Sakhadeo 2011-07-23 13:40:18


Dear All,

I too agree that Gundesha is one of the best in kandivli (E). they have limited students in one class and fewer divisions. But that is b'coz they have limited infrastructure. the first preference is to the siblings and then to the residents of the Valley of flowers where its situated as that is part of their contract. So getting admission is difficult also there are schools like Thakur Public and Thakur international (which is in west) they are equally competetive with better infrastructure and extra curricular activities.



Megha10122011 2013-10-03 12:12:53


Hi Tejal,

I am also looking for getting my son into Gundecha...Nursery for academic year 2014-15.  What do you mean by struggled a lot to get admission. I mean how did you ensure that your child gets admission there. I stay in borivali east and many ppl have told me that it's difficult to get admission in gundecha considering that they have palygroup also and all PG children will go to nursery...

elleesteve 2014-03-17 17:17:53


Oh yes. I live in lokhandwala in kandivli east and Tried for admission for my daughter in gundecha's PG for dis year but their admission lists were full immediately after the finished with the siblings and local valley of flowers kids. Its very unfair and unsettling as I have been REALLY looking forward to getting my l girl into this school as it seems to be the best in the vicinity. I still am hopeful about getting her admitted to the aforesaid school for nursery in 2015/16 and am desperate to know what specific struggles did u have to go through as I am willing to do the same if I only know what it may be; considering ur from borivli; well, u struck gold. Do care to share Ms.tejalpshah. Id be obliged.

ankursies 2015-04-01 15:53:32



I have got my son admission in Play Group in Gundecha, Thakur Villlage.

I need some information from anyone in the group whose kids are been to Playgroup in Gundecha...Please let me know so that I can ask my questions to you.

Ankur Kapoor

RomisMom28 2015-04-08 10:46:06


Hi guys

My son is December 2013 born. As per current rules he has to be 3 n half years to be admitted in school. 
I will be shifting to lokhandwala kandivali east soon. Please help me with following issue on schools

1. First of all please let me know some good day care in Lokhandwala or Thakur village
2. I heard about Podar Kids to be best in preprimary schools
3. Gundecha high school - even I have received many positive feed back on this school. I am also interested in this school for my son. Since we will be staying in lokhandwala can he get admission in there. Has this school also adopted the new rule for age for admission in schools



GAMIT17 2017-07-18 16:42:54


Pls give your feed backnon Gundecha school


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