What about Admission for August - September 2013 born kids in Maharashtra?

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Wewon 2017-09-21 08:30:04


I am really concerned about JrKg admission for my kid. Lat year the cut off date was 31 July 2013 for Jr Kg admission. So this year i was hoping the schools would include 1st August 2013 , however many school;s have opened their admission and shockingly have set the limit from October 2013 as start limit for the admissions. 
So what will August -Sept 2013 kids do ? Anyone has similar concerns and solution please respond

dparent 2017-09-21 12:13:19


Yes, that't because Govt of Maharashtra changed the cutoff to 1-Sep.
We had the same issue, my son born in Sep 2014. Earlier were planning to take his nursery admission in 2018, but now we have already take and admission in nursery this year.


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